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Baseball: in the Wall they roar the breath of "Dragons"
Baseball: They make the "Dragons" breath roar

Baseball: in the Wall they roar the breath of “Dragons”

Baseball, the flagship discipline in the United States, is a unisex sport played by two teams of 9 players. The ground is in the shape of a quarter circle. There are three bases, one for the jug and one for the batter. Each team is in turn in attack and defense, and the goal is to score as many points as possible by going around the three bases and going back to square one. The season runs from January to December. The discipline has had complicated times with COVID, but has been less affected than others due to its timeliness and because it is a non-contact outdoor sport.

Baseball: they catch their breath "Dragons"

Baseball: They make the “Dragons” breath roar

Mickaël Dromain is president of the Dragons club in Muret. He discovered this sport ten years ago thanks to friends. He was inaugurated in the Cugnaux club for a while, but the sports association had to stop. Mickaël therefore passionately took the necessary steps to set up his club. “The sports department in Muret followed my project. It gives us the opportunity to train at the Nelson Paillou complex. In the 2000s there was already a baseball club, I try to revive the dynamics”.

At the bottom of this project is a group of friends and former ELITE players in the French championship and ex-international. The club has 38 licensees, including a dozen children (categories U9 and U12). “I receive a lot of requests for next season for the kids. It’s nice. We will be present at the association forum in September. And a little more, we have slots from 9 to 12 on weekdays all summer if the demand is there,” the Dragons president said. .

On June 13, the official matches resumed (with victory against Stade Toulousain). The season will resume in September in the form of an Occitanie mini-championship.

For more information: the facebook page for the club: Dargons Baseball MURET 31

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