Baseball in Montreal: Legault gives a boost to the Bronfman group |  Sport |  The sun

Baseball in Montreal: Legault gives a boost to the Bronfman group | Sport | The sun

PQ closes the door

The tone of the leader of the Avenir Québec coalition was very different from that of Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, leader of the Parti Québécois, who refuses to allow public funds to be used to help professional sports.

“I’m a big baseball fan, I love it. But honestly, I do not see how we can finance a stadium with public funds when our nurses, our teachers and our public workers still do not have a collective agreement, and that tens of thousands of places are missing. In kindergarten, he responded. There are sharp issues which means I do not want to defend this project. (…) It is an order that we must respect if we want to maintain respect for the population suffering from the crisis. “

However, in 2012, when the PQ formed the opposition party in the National Assembly, the party fought for public funding of the Videotron Center in Quebec, of which about 200 of the $ 400 million needed for the construction had been provided. By the state. .

“Under my auspices, it’s a priority,” said St-Pierre Plamondon. When families suffer due to underfunding of public services, I will first and foremost prioritize ensuring that our families and the elderly are protected. “

Exactly the same, although a little more nuanced, from the Liberal Party.

“(At the beginning of the press conference) I told you about all the problems we have in terms of health, domestic violence and education,” said boss Dominique Anglade. We have many priorities in the coming months, the next few years in Quebec; many health problems, support for our population. So it seems difficult to see how I can reconcile it with the stadium, but I did not see the numbers.

“Given the context (of the pandemic), it seems difficult for me (…) to think that this is where taxpayers’ money should go.”

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