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Beer baseball
Drinking games
Players Usually two teams with even numbers
Setup time 2 minutes
Playing time 1-2 hours or less
Random luck Easy
Necessary skills Aim, turn cups, tough, catch

Beer baseball is a drinking games where players shoot a ping-pong ball over a table with the intention of landing the ball in one of several cups beer at the other end, do it in a way that combines beer pong and turn the cup. The game usually consists of two teams of equal numbers, one on each side of a table and four cups set up on each side. The cups are lined up in a straight line representing the bases with the last cup at the edge of the table.

When a ball lands in a cup, the defense must consume all the beer inside that cup and all the cups under it, e.g. If the third cup is hit (a triple), the third, second and first cup are consumed. The cups are filled according to their location on the table. The cup closest to the opposing team is 1/4 full, the second cup is full, the third cup is 3/4 full and the last cup closest to the edge is full. It is also common to have a glass of water for the purpose of cleaning the ball between throws. After consumption, fill the cup to the correct level and put it back on the table.

The game consists of nine rounds where each team gets a “bat”; if a ball is thrown and does not hit or land in a cup this is an out; each team gets three outs per inning. The team with the highest score after nine rounds is considered the winner. Variation: the game can be played with “small league” rules where the game is over after six rounds. Variation: If a ball is thrown and hits a cup, it can be caught by “fielders” before touching the table or floor for one out.

Fourteen cups are needed, seven for each team, four representing the bases, then three on each side of the table representing bases for base runners. The four cups representing the bases are lined up in a straight line with the last cup at the edge of the table. The flip cup cups are placed close to the center of the table, so it can be easily assessed who won the flip cup.


Baseball is usually played with two teams of even numbers, although it can be played with an odd number as long as the relative drink / playing strength is even. Each team starts with two captains who choose their team in a changing way. The captain who chooses others then chooses whether to be at home (shoot others) or away (shoot first.)

Game field[edit]

The game is usually played on either a table tennis table or a folding banquet table. In general, this will be one plywood the board cut to the correct size, sometimes painted with sports, school or fraternity symbols and given a liquid-proof coating.


The most common cups used are 16-ounce disposable plastic cups with back lines that can be used to accurately measure the amount of beer to be poured into the cup.[1]

38 mm or 40 mm table tennis (ping pong) balls are commonly used for games.[2]


Usually a cheap light beer is used due to the large amounts of beer that can be consumed during several games.


The game takes place much like a game of beer pong. The team that is up shoots the ball until they accumulate three outs, via getting 3 strikes (by missing the cups), is taken out (which can occur when a ball bounces off a cup and the opposing team catches it), or is thrown out to steal . At this point, the other team starts firing. After nine rounds, the score is calculated and made with several races wins.


Four cups are arranged so that the longest cup touches the outer edge of the table. The cups are arranged vertically and touch so that each cup has a cup diameter closer to the person “on the bat.” The cups are filled with beer so that the “single cup” (being the cup closest to the batter) is filled 1/4 of the way. The “double cup” is half filled. The “triple cup” is filled to 3/4, and the “home run cup” is filled all the way.

If a player lands the ball in a cup, the opposing team must consume that cup and all the cups under it, e.g. The second cup is hit (a double), so the second and first cups are consumed. The cups are refilled to the correct line and put back into formation.

Each player gets three attempts (strike) to get a hit (make the ball in one of these cups). A miss (“hitting a cup without an opponent catching it”) is considered a strike. The opposing team can put out the batter by catching an ugly ball (as described above). If the player misses all the cups during a bat shot, it is counted as one out.

If a person shoots out of order just like in baseball if caught, the shooter is not out, but the person who was jumped is out.


When a player makes a cup, it is said that they are at the base. Three cups must be set up as bases: The “first base” cup must be filled 1/2 of the way full; the “second base” cup should be filled 3/4 full; the “third base” cup is full. A designated “catch” from the field team must also have a cup filled to 1/3. A base runner moves on to the base corresponding to his bat. A single puts him on first base, a double on second base, etc. There are two ways to advance a runner: the runner can advance by hitting the ball (which moves him the corresponding number of bases) or by stealing.


This means that they are now playing turn the cup against a person from the other team, a catch. If the person at the base wants to move on (steal), they start playing a single flip cup. If the person on the base wins, they move on, if they lose they are thrown out and are out of the base and one out is registered. The person trying to steal must not try to steal until the opposing team has set and refilled their cups, an attempt to steal before this is done is considered invalid and must be sent back to the original base. If the catcher lifts the cup before the base runner lifts the cup, this is a beam and the base runner advances a base.


If a player throws a ball that hits a cup and the opposing team catches it, it is one out. Should a player throw an airball (the ball does not enter any cups), it is considered an “out”. The catcher must rotate by turn, and no one can catch again until everyone has caught once. All catches must be made using the players outside the hand (the hand on which the glove would be used during a real baseball game). All catches must be cleaned without catching the ball against the body or letting the ball hit the floor.


There is an alternative set of rules (known as “Man Lodge Rules”) to make the game higher, feel more like actual baseball and make home runs more rewarding. In Man Lodge rules, the game is the same except for:

1) Missing all the cups, but still hitting the table, is considered a strike, as opposed to one out

2) Jumping the ball out of a cup is treated like a foul ball, and if it is caught in the air, it is an out, if not, it is considered a strike (similar to actual baseball)

3) To miss the table completely is ALWAYS one out, regardless of whether the defense catches it or not

4) Each cup is half-filled. Once a cup is made, pull that cup and drink the contents, with the exception of home delivery, in the case of home runs, all remaining cups are consumed and all cups are replaced.

5) If a player makes a “base” cup, a player is currently drinking (similar to a “death cup” in beer pong) which is considered a “Grand Slam” – drink the remaining cups and count 4 points scored

6) All players on the defending team are active. A single defender is in the middle, and in the case of an ugly ball, it must hit the ball up after the ball bounces off a cup for a teammate to catch for it to be out. If a defender catches the ball before it is hit by the midfielder, or they fail to catch it, it is simply a wrong ball.


There is an alternative set of rules (known as “Hoover Rules”) to make the game more challenging for more experienced players.

1) Any member of the team can take the ball for one out with one or both hands.

2) The ‘homemade’ cup is placed on an island at the back of the table, away from the other three cups.

3) There is only one ‘steal’ cup that acts as a steal for the leading base runner. If the base runner steals home, the player who steals must turn the cup successfully twice, while the defender only has to turn the cup once to throw the runner out. In addition, any member of the opposing team can ‘throw’ the stealing player out. In this rule variation, there is no designated “catch”.


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