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Baseball - Cryptocurrency as salary
Le Heat de Perth est le premier club au monde à payer ses joueurs en bitcoins.

Baseball – Cryptocurrency as salary


The Perth Australian Baseball Club will be the first sports organization in the world to pay its players and employees in bitcoins. A revolution that does not please everyone.

Perth Heat is the first club in the world to pay its players in bitcoins.

Perth Heat is the first club in the world to pay its players in bitcoins.

The Heat, involved in the Australian Baseball League (ABL), are therefore preparing to revolutionize the way they carry out their transactions: both in terms of employee compensation as well as sponsorship contracts or trading on match nights. to buy sausages or peanuts.

The Australian club will use bitcoins. The project will be part of a new sponsorship agreement between the four-time ABL winners and the company, which will allow them to accept cryptocurrency as compensation.

The general manager of the franchise, Steven Nelkovski, does not hide his enthusiasm. He is proud that his club is the first in professional sports to do so. “We are convinced that in five years there will be not only our players, but just about all professional athletes whose salaries will be paid in part or in full in bitcoins,” he said. ABC.

Employees have a choice

For now, in order not to offend certain sensitivities, Heat will go in stages and will not force anyone to receive only cryptocurrency. «Club employees completely agree with our announcement. But if they want to get paid 10% bitcoin and 90% cash, we can do that too. It’s up to them, Steven Nelkovski continues.

He added that he hopes this innovation will bring more success to the Western Australian team and that his organization can shift to high gear on and off the pitch. The club also appointed a bitcoin manager to help move “the company’s cash flow from dollars to bitcoin.”

Fans fear the worst

If the employees said yes, perhaps for fear of losing their jobs, this idea was almost unanimous against it among the supporters. They care about their club and the employees who work there, and highlight the fluctuations of bitcoin in the markets.

A tweet sums up the fans’ thinking quite well: «Oh dear. I do not want to be the administrator who will clean up this mess in a few years. What made your club think it was a good idea? “

Protected employees …

Steven Nelkovski refuses to take players at risk. “They are not under contract with us to receive X amounts of bitcoin per season. They are paid weekly or every fortnight, and at the time of payment, this amount is converted to bitcoins.”

Afterwards, if a player wants to keep his cryptocurrency by speculating on the fact that it increases in value … and that the value on the contrary falls, the club no longer feels responsible.

“I also see benefits for foreign players. By paying them in bitcoins, they can avoid setting up bank accounts in Australia when they arrive and then close them when they leave, Nelkovski concludes.

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