Terrains de baseball : Jocelyn Fradette veut qu’Alma rattrape son retard

Baseball Courts: Jocelyn Fradette wants Alma to catch up

Alma – Involved in baseball for 14 years, mayoral candidate Jocelyn Fradette intends to renew the infrastructure of several fields in Alma’s territory.

It was at the Center Mario-Tremblay baseball stadium that he called the media on October 13 to announce part of his program.

If elected mayor of Alma on November 7, he will work to “retrieve” the city has rallied to ensure the sustainability of baseball, one whose popularity has exploded recently.

He therefore proposes the construction of a sanitary block at the baseball stadium Center Mario-Tremblay (CMT), which will earn the same amount for softball, petanque and volleyball enthusiasts. He also wants to equip the two rear fields in CMT with safety nets, appear more fields in Alma and refurbish the Saint-Coeur-de-Marie field, abandoned according to him.

In the case of Pointe-des-Américains, it wants to set up 20 km of mountain bike trails and 15 km of hiking trails. He estimates the project at $ 2 to $ 3 million.

Participation budget and housing

Jocelyn Fradette intends to increase the budget allocated to citizens’ projects annually from $ 25,000 to $ 100,000. At the same time, the role of the Sustainable Development Committee will be redefined.

He also announced that it will always be Véronique Fortin, District Councilor 5, who will chair the committee.

“It will no longer be for the city to choose the projects, but for the residents to do it via a website,” he said, adding that this method had been proven in several municipalities.

If elected, he will also prioritize housing by offering private developers a three-year tax holiday for the construction of eight units, five years for 12 units and seven years for 16 units.

Finally, he will provide Alma with a strategic plan for the next five to eight years.

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