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Baseball at the Olympics - Wikipedia
Baseball at the Summer Olympics

Baseball at the Olympics – Wikipedia

the baseball made his first appearance at Summer -OL 1912 To Stockholm so far demonstration sports. It was not until 80 years later, at Barcelona, that he stays Olympic sports[1].
Between 1992 and 2008, eighteen nations have participated in the six baseball tournaments. Among them it is just Japan played them all.
The Olympic Program Commission did not choose baseball on the list of sports on the program to Summer -OL 2012 To London and Summer -OL 2016 To Rio de Janeiro, before returning for Summer -OL 2020 To Tokyo.

Baseball at the Olympics - Wikipedia

Demonstration meetings[modifier | modifier le code]

the July 20th 1900 To Paris, the first Olympic baseball meeting between two American teams, after the cancellation of the planned tournament.
IN 1904 To Saint Louis, a small unofficial tournament is organized between American teams.
the July 15th 1912 To Stockholm, Olympic baseball pitted the United States to Sweden. In a 6-set game, the United States easily won 13-3.
the August 12 1936 at the Olympic Stadium Berlin In front of more than 90,000 spectators, two American teams were against.
IN 1952 To Helsinki, the Finnish variant of baseball is played between two local teams.
IN 1956 To Melbourne, the ‘Australia played against United States at a meeting.
IN 1964 To Tokyo, Japan was defeated by United States, always in a single game.

Demonstration tournaments[modifier | modifier le code]

After a 20-year hiatus, baseball is making a comeback as a demonstration sport for Summer -OL 1984 To Los Angeles. A tournament with eight teams sees the victory Japan on United States.
The same format will be taken from Seoul during Summer -OL 1988. This time it is United States which struck Japan.
These two tournaments are characterized by the absence of the team Cuba, 3 times world champion (1984, 1986 and 1988) and 2 times winners of the Intercontinental Cup (1985 and 1987), due to the Soviet boycotts in 1984 and North Korea in 1988.

Olympic sports[modifier | modifier le code]

Baseball becomes an Olympic sport at Barcelona for Summer -OL 1992. The tournament format is divided into three phases: the preliminary round where all the teams meet, the semi-final and the final for the medals. This formula remains the same for the following games. Since Summer -OL 2000 To Sydney, professional players get to participate.
Baseball has ceased to be an Olympic sport since Summer -OL 2012.

16 countries participated in the baseball tournaments. The numbers in the table indicate the ranking of each team.

The host country automatically qualifies for the baseball tournament. The other seven places are awarded during the Olympic qualifiers.
For Summer -OL 2008 To Beijing, outside China automatically qualified, 2 places are allocated to America (USA and Cuba), 1 place to Europe (Netherlands) and Asia (Japan)[2]. The other three places are distributed during a tournament between:

  • the African champion
  • the champion of Oceania (Australia[3])
  • classified layers 3e and 4e during the qualifying tournament in America (Mexico and Canada[4])
  • classified layers 2e and 3e during the Asian Qualifying Tournament (Asian Championship 2007)
  • classified layers 2e and 3e during the European Qualifying Tournament (EC 2007)

The rules of Olympic baseball are almost identical to the rules of professional baseball. Use of aluminum bats is allowed. If a team is more than ten points ahead during or after 7e round, the match is over (the rule of mercy).
The eight participating teams each play against the other seven in the preliminary round. The top four teams advance to the semifinals (1is towards 4e and 2e towards 3e).
The winners of the semi-finals play for the gold and silver medals in the final, while the losers compete for the bronze medal.
The tournament has been open to both professionals and amateurs ever since Sydney in 2000.

For OL 2020, the competition format was changed from eight qualified teams to six. See Baseball at summer -OL 2020 for details.

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