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Baseball: Alma shines on the provincial stage
Baseball: Alma brille sur la scène provinciale

Baseball: Alma shines on the provincial stage

The last provincial baseball championships, which took place on the weekends 11-12. September and 18.-19. September, shows how healthy Alma Minor Baseball (BMA) is. In total, 13 BMA players, as well as 4 coaches and even a Mosquito B team represented the region on the provincial stage.

“Normally we always have about five players who go to the provinces. This year, 13 players, it is unheard of to have so many players from our region chosen to represent the region “, launches BMA’s president, Nicolas Dufour.

BMA also expects two new gold medals, while Justin Guérin and Émile Dufour won the U18 A championship, against the star team from Lanaudière.

“It is a very rare weapon achievement that has happened when we had two winners from our association. For the last 15 years, only Olivier Ouellet had won provincial championships in 2012 and 2017. So having two this year is a great achievement for BMA. “

Justin Guérin and Émile Dufour had been selected to be part of the region’s star team. Nicolas Dufour has also served as assistant coach for the team.

For its part, Alma A’s, in U15 B, won the regional series and represented Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean against the best teams from other regions.

“The last time one of our teams went to the provinces was three years ago. And in the history of the BMA, it has only happened twice, and this is very recent. It shows how well the development of baseball in Alma is going. “


The results this year show, according to Nicolas Dufour, how much BMA takes the development of the players to heart.

“We all work to develop our young people and get them to perform. We give them time to play and practice. We do not have a team that has had a difficult season this year. All our efforts pay off. “

According to the president of the BMA, these good performances on the provincial stage are likely to attract new players.

“All of this makes the organization shine. But here we have grown so much in recent years that we lack land. Baseball was difficult many years ago, and many old fields were abandoned. It’s time to update them so we can use them again and continue the development. “

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