Baseball: Addition of size for the staff of the Capitales de Québec

Baseball: Addition of size for the staff of the Capitales de Québec

Capitales de Québec has announced the appointment of a new assistant coach. The coaching staff will be able to rely on an addition of experience as Pierre Arsenault has ratified an agreement that binds him to the organization. He will support manager Patrick Scalabrini as head assistant coach and wear several hats, including the pitching manager.

First an amateur player in his early years in Montreal, he began his career in the Major League as a coach with the Montreal Expos. Pierre Arsenault started in the late 1980s as a gossip pitcher in addition to a recipient in the relief pen, and held a number of positions in the Montreal franchise.

Arsenault was recognized for his coaching skills with the Montreal organization’s relievers, and also demonstrated the full range of his communication skills when analyzing Expos games on the radio for two seasons. The 1992 season was his first as manager of the bullpen. He had similar functions until the early 2000s with Expos.

When his position was transferred to Miami with the Marlins, Pierre Arsenault was the first Quebecer in uniform to win the World Series (in 2003). He retained his responsibility as a bullpen coach until 2009, after which he continued his career with the Marlins, but as a scout. His affiliation with a Major League team was recently ended after 19 years.

Manager Patrick Scalabrini was very pleased with this signing: “We are very pleased to be able to start this collaboration with Pierre Arsenault. He has much recent experience in large and associated baseball that will complement our team well. He wore different hats with Expos and Marlins. So much with hitters, recipients, pitchers and when it comes to recruiting, his field is very wide! ”

“In addition to adding undisputed experience to our team, we are all the more pleased to see that Pierre is cheerful at the idea of ​​starting this new adventure with us! Capitals and independent baseball can consider themselves lucky to make such an acquisition. Declared President Michel Laplante.

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