Baseball: a new victory for Team Quebec

Baseball: a new victory for Team Quebec

Team Quebec signed their second win of the season by defeating Evansville Otters 3-2 on Saturday in the first duel in a doubles program presented at Bosse Field in Indiana.

It was Elliott Curtis’ solo homerun that made the difference in this seven-inning game. In the fifth engagement, Kitchener, Ont. Native tie by stretching your arms for the first time in 2021.

The training of manager Patrick Scalabrini was the first to register with the brand. In the second half, Riley Pittman had a single that drove Jonathan Lacroix home. The Quebec flyer had previously reached the pillows with a single.

Two turns of the stick later, Lacroix put his foot on the plate again. This time it was Jeffry Parra who produced the point.

Otters equalized as soon as they returned to the offensive. With three of his teammates on the paths and two outs, Trent Nash started on the second court he was served. He hit a double that allowed two players to score.

On the mound, David Gauthier worked three and two-thirds of the time. He allowed two earned races on as many hits. The 23-year-old shooter also used six rivals in the mitten and handed out two free passes.

Coming in relief from the natives of Belle Province, Nick Horvath (1-0) inherited the victory. The left hand spent only a third of a game on the mound. Andrew Case, who played the final round, signed the save.

For his part, the setback was redeemed by Tyler Vail (0-1). The one who was in the Arizona Diamondbacks organization has played six rounds. He allowed all the opponents’ points and gave seven hits from a safe place.

Otters takes revenge

In tonight’s second duel, Otters “Fleurdelisé” doubled 6 to 3.

Riley Krane was the American club’s offensive star. The first cushion player produced five races. To do this, he sent the ball out of bounds twice.

Team Quebec starter Austin Hutchison (0-1) was on the mound for all of Krane’s successes. So he deserved the setback. The victory went to the record of Justin Lewis (1-0).

By bat, the visitors saw Quebecer David Glaude succeed in his second home circle in the campaign.

Team Quebec and Otters meet on Monday, still at home at the Evansville club.

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