Baseball: a feat signed by the Cubs five years ago

Baseball: a feat signed by the Cubs five years ago

The Chicago Cubs are the last club to win the World Series after trailing 3-1 in Major League Baseball’s grand final. That was five years ago, in early November 2016.

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Ending a most exciting series, the Cubs won the seventh and final game of the final against the Indians of Cleveland with a score of 8-7.

It was November 2, 2016 exactly. Day when therefore the famous curse of the goat was averted.

For the first time in 108 years, the Cubs took credit for the World Series. Chicago fans had to wait for another round, because it is at the end of a 10e around that the kids had been crowned.

About “Billy Goat”, the story will recall that a spell was thrown at the Cubs in 1945 when a supporter named Billy Sianis appeared on Wrigley Field with his domesticated goat. However, the organization had asked Sianis to go with the animal, and he said the kids would never win again.

Incredible improvement

A relief from Carl Edwards Jr., left-handed pitcher Mike Montgomery helped knock out the final hit of the exciting seventh game, on the ground to third base, to seal the outcome of the 2016 World Series.

The day before, the Cubs had won 9-3, also in Cleveland, driven by a grand slam from Addison Russell. The draw also began on October 30, 2016 at Wrigley Field, with a win of 3 to 2.

Before Sunday’s game in Atlanta, the Houston Astros also had a 3-1 deficit to fill …

The Cubs’ 2016 World Series achievement was added to similar weapon achievements already achieved in previous editions. The Kansas City Royals had met the St. Louis Cardinals in 1985. The other champions who have fallen behind 3 games to 1 are the Pittsburgh Pirates (1979), the Detroit Tigers (1968), the New York Yankees (1958) and again the Pirates (1925).


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