Baseball 2021: It's another marathon, but how will pitchers respond?  |  Baseball

Baseball 2021: It’s another marathon, but how will pitchers respond? | Baseball

The Pitchers tried to approach this spring as normally as possible, with front offices throughout the game in a hold-and-breath mode to look for any issues.

“Preparations are going pretty well, considering how we had a normal spring training,” Blue Jays ace and opening day starter Hyun Jin Ryu said in a recent video call. “It is unlike last year, where we got ready for the season, were laid off and had to get ready again in the summer in a very short time. It was very difficult in this aspect. This year, to go into camp and know that you could have a regular schedule, I felt comfortable going in. “

Ryu, who threw 67 innings at 12 starts last season, said his mindset in the camp has been to prepare to throw 90-100 lanes in each start. He often left games and threw another 15-20 places in the bullpen to represent another “inning” of the work.

“Everything went according to plan,” said Ryu, who starts Thursday at Yankee Stadium. “I accumulated my tones slowly, and I think I’m at the right stage right now.”

Construction is already underway in Sahlen Field for what appears to be a return of the Blue Jays sometime in June, but for how long? And what will happen to Bison in the meantime?

Mets pitcher and former Bisons / Blue Jays supporter Marcus Stroman opted out last year due to concerns from Covid-19. But he told reporters at the Mets camp that he was ready for a normal workload.

“I’m going to go out there and throw 200 plus laps year after year,” added Stroman, who hit that mark in Toronto in 2016 and 2017. “My body is elite, so I kind of prioritize my body, my mind, my arm. mine during the whole process. It was not like I was just hanging out. I trained every day and got ready for every time I went out next. “

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