attacked with baseball bat and machete

attacked with baseball bat and machete

It’s an evening he, alas, will not soon forget. On November 15, a 22-year-old Arcachonnais was visited by three people at his home. These men, two of whom have their faces hidden under a balaclava, burst in armed with baseball bats, a machete and an electric pulse gun.

Arcachonnais, a small cannabis dealer, knows the person who acts with a revealed face. The trio, determined, ask for money and do not hesitate to hit the young man in the head, then give him a blow with a machete on his hand and, to complete, an electric pistol charge on one leg. Feared, the victim agrees to give 2000 euros in cash in addition to his mobile phone.

The attackers left the scene, but the victim did not immediately notify and went to Bordeaux the next day for surgery.

Hardened in Gradignan

On November 17, police officers at Arcachon Police Station were notified and a complaint seized. Investigators from the Urban Security Brigade (BSU) will conduct thorough investigations, restore the city’s video protection images and do neighborhood work.

Three suspects were identified last week and taken to police custody in Arcachon. Two of them aged 21 and 24 live in Biscarrosse, in Landes, and the third is a 21-year-old Girondin. The punitive expedition they carried out is closely linked to drug trafficking.

Brought to the prosecution, they were sentenced to 18 months in prison, of which 6 were suspended; 18 months including 3 suspended and one year imprisonment including 3 months suspended. All three were placed under arrest at the end of the hearing and imprisoned in the Gradignan penitentiary.

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