A's Mitch Moreland removed from the lineup with 'non-baseball related issue'

A’s Mitch Moreland removed from the lineup with ‘non-baseball related issue’

OAKLAND – Mitch Moreland was drawn in Saturday’s lineup in Oakland As’ departure victory against the Boston Red Sox as the designated hitter, but was replaced without recording a bat by Frank Schwindel.

A met Red Sox right-handed pitcher Garrett Richards on Saturday, a game Moreland would normally participate in.

Manager Bob Melvin said Moreland dropped out of the game for non-baseball-related issues and will not play on Sunday.

“He came out with a non-baseball-related problem, that’s how far I should go with it,” Melvin said.

No roster was made immediately, but outdoor serving Greg Deichmann was pulled from the Las Vegas Aviators game early Saturday.

Moreland beat. 239 with two home runs and seven RBIs in 25 games since he was reinstated from the injury list on 27 May. Moreland missed the time with inflamed costochondral cross in the left rib. Moreland, commonly used as a specified hitter against right-handed boxes, cuts .238 / .286 / .388 with a .673 OPS.

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