Ariège: drugged and intoxicated, he beats his partner's daughter with a baseball bat

Ariège: drugged and intoxicated, he beats his partner’s daughter with a baseball bat

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After drinking an unfortunate alcohol-Xanax mixture, a twenty-five-year-old consumed cannabis and cocaine before hitting his partner and then his daughter with a baseball bat. Among other criminal acts. The result was 14 months’ imprisonment, of which 8 were closed.

Three women enter the room for immediate performance at the Foix track. The president, Sun-yung Lazare, is being followed by her two observers. “To hell composition for domestic violence,” smiles a man in a black cloak. It will knock! “

In the box of the Fébus room stands a 25-year-old man, close to double meters. Dressed in a purple sweatshirt – which shows a man in a bandana with a gun in his hands – he appears in two common processes.

The first concerns acts without a license and the use of drugs (cannabis and cocaine) committed in April. But it is the main hearings in which a number of facts obtained in early June caught the court’s attention. And with good reason: violence with and without the use of a baseball bat, against the partner and the daughter, material damage and violent resistance against the police. All with drug use, always cannabis and cocaine, in relapse.

Alcohol, Xanax, cocaine, cannabis and the black hole

The day before June 3, the defendant admits to having “bought a box of 8.6” after swallowing “4 tablets of Xanax”, but before he became friends. And to specify: “The mixture caused a black hole. According to analyzes, the young man also used the evening to consume cannabis and cocaine.

Around 11 p.m., his partner, who has a four-year-old son, tried to reach him. In vain. While they were in a relationship for 6 years, not to mention several separations, she left him several messages. Meaning: “It’s over, do not come back. During the hearing, the defendant confirmed that he had “still not seen the conversations or messages”.

In this context, he tried to return to his partner’s home around 8 o’clock in Saverdun. First rejection. After a nap in front of the apartment, in his car, other attempts and second rejection. The “stone” according to the testimonies of the two victims, he would have forced the passage around 14.00. Correct the washing machine, which he wanted to use. His partner, who refused, claimed he grabbed her forearm before knocking her down. On the ground, he is said to have given her two blows. It was then that the latter’s 21-year-old daughter confessed that she disturbed a baseball bat. “I do not regret it, but I should not have beaten him,” admitted the young woman at the bar. I just wanted to protect my mother. “

“Two-three hits with baseball bat”

Sitting in a hug, the mother and daughter heard the defendant confess: “She reacted well”, he slipped from his box. A few minutes earlier, the twenties admitted to having “given two or three hits with a baseball bat” to their companion’s daughter. And to add: “I’m very ashamed to have hit a woman on the ground.”

For the rest of the charges, the repeat offender used the alcohol-tablet mixture to justify the lack of memory. “Do you recognize the violence?” The president asked. “Yes, I must, I do not remember what I did to Madame,” the defendant replied. “That is a way that is true.”

After discussion, the court declared the defendant “guilty of all the alleged facts”. And to list the punishment: 14 months imprisonment including 6 with probation (8 fixed), duty and care ban, ban on getting in touch with the victims and meeting at their home.

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