Arenado is "about as serious about baseball as anyone I've ever been around," Holliday says  St. Louis Cardinals

Arenado is “about as serious about baseball as anyone I’ve ever been around,” Holliday says St. Louis Cardinals

Arenado, 29, has agreed to waive the non-trade clause for being a cardinal, two sources confirmed, and an opt-out in his contract gives him the right to be a free agent after the 2021 season. Arenado has agreed to postpone money, confirmed a source, and as part of the change in the contract, the cardinals have added another year, 2027, if he does not opt ​​out.

These rewrites, along with the reported $ 50 million Rockies send the Cardinals, are some of the gears in this intricate clockwork of this creative deal that must be loosened and approved by officials. At its core, trade is a familiar trait for the Cardinals, the same as they hatched for Holliday: Get him in, give him time, win with him and keep him long-term.

Holliday has heard an echo from Arenado.

“He loves to win, and he has wins and losses, and he has losses pretty hard,” Holliday said. “I think that’s how it started to happen. He will win. The contract is important as far as taking care of his family. But at this point, he was willing to procrastinate, sacrificing everything needed to come to a competitive environment from year to year. “

‘Moving is coming’

Holliday, who the Cardinals bought in 2009 from Oakland when they could not complete a deal with Colorado for him in 2008, gave a hint last Wednesday of the week that was to come during a performance with Dan McLaughlin on WXOS (101.1 FM). He acknowledged the fans’ frustration over the inactive winter, and then added that there may be some “kind of route features that fans will be excited about.”

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