Alex Anthopoulos wants baseball to return to Montreal

Alex Anthopoulos wants baseball to return to Montreal

Blown away by the love he has received from Montreal since winning the World Series on Tuesday, Quebecer Alex Anthopoulos, general manager of the Atlanta Braves, keeps his hometown in his heart.

Anthopoulos also demonstrated this at a video conference on Thursday, when he discussed the concept of sister cities that could involve Tampa Bay and Montreal.

“I’m really excited about it happening,” said the man who grew up in the Town of Mount Royal and began his career as a volunteer in the organization of Expos in the early 2000s. It does not matter how baseball could come. “Back to Montreal, it would be amazing for the city, and it would be extraordinary for Major League Baseball … I hope it will happen.”

Would he one day see himself coming in full circle by becoming the general manager of a club in Montreal?

“When you’re with a baseball club, you’m married. “Right now I’m married to Braves and I’m a loyal guy,” he replied diplomatically. That said, for all the scenarios that would see baseball in Montreal again, I will do everything I can to help. ”

In addition to seeing it as a happy ending for Montreal and for Major League Baseball, Anthopoulos believes that the return of professional baseball to the city would also be good news for the Toronto Blue Jays.

“It would undoubtedly be extraordinary for the Blue Jays to have another club so close [au Canada]», He mentioned.

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