A mess sends a judge to the hospital

A mess sends a judge to the hospital

A mess sends a judge to the hospital

The scene took place in the Dominican Republic during an amateur league match. Expelled, he goes crazy and attacks the game director with a baseball bat.


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It is often (too) easy to attack a judge, insult him or even attack him, as it is unfortunately still too often. The ugly scene you will see below happened in the Dominican Republic, during a baseball game in an amateur league.

After pushing the plug too far and the game director’s patience to the extreme, a hitter identified as Elvis LeBron was shown the way to the showers. It was at this moment that he went wild.

Without warning, the expelled player physically attacked the referee by attacking him with what he had at hand. Yep, baseball bat and helmet. At least one blow was also struck. The photos were forwarded Twitter by reporter Hector Gomez.

The judge at the hospital

According to Hector Gomez, Elvis LeBron was arrested by local police shortly after the incident. As for the official, he tried in vain to end the meeting. He was taken to hospital about an hour later for tests.

According to this Dominican source, the attacker was once associated Chicago Cubs. The organization of MLB would like to thank him for his erratic behavior …

Information such as TMZ Sports and Bleach report could not confirm, however.

In addition, LeBron is likely to stand trial. He has already been banned for life from all sports and leisure activities in his country.

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