A grip on sports: When you rotate against a baseball team, it's always a bad day when they win

A grip on sports: When you rotate against a baseball team, it’s always a bad day when they win

A GRIP ON SPORT • May just as well count our blessings this morning. After all, it’s a good day when you do not have to write about a childhood hero passing by. Or an NFL team in semi-quarantine after a virus outbreak. That, of course, is bad news. Both the Yankees and Astros won their playoffs.


• Growing up a Dodger fan, there was one team I hated above all else. The giants wanted that. It’s part of the code you accept when you receive your first pack of Union 76 Dodger baseball cards.

But I was a bit of an outlier. I hated the Yankees more. And their intolerable fans. Heck, I liked a college girl, but decided not to ask her when I said she was wearing a NY hat. It turns out that she looked at it as a fashion accessory. And thought I was dweeb. A win-win I must say.

A grip on sports: When you rotate against a baseball team, it's always a bad day when they win

Anyway, after moving to the Northwest and spending most of my life here, the Yankees hated intensifying. After all, the New York franchise is everything the Seattle franchise is not. Consistent winners. Consistent jugs. Consists of jerks.

Thus, the Yankees team is non-grata in my presence; the undisputed No. 1 villains in baseball in what I thought would be eternity. Except that the shelf has been overturned in the last year. Houston knocked on it, brought it down, built it up from recycled trash cans, and climbed to the top of the heap.

Yep, the Astros found a way to devalue 50 years of hostility to the Yankees and climbed to the top of my charts.

Cheaters never thrive? Tell it to Astros owner Jim Crane. His team cheated like crazy in 2017, won the World Series against the Dodgers and got away with it. You might think they paid a price, but break the record for that world series. Who is listed as the winner?

For 50 years, the only ones who will point out the Astros’ trick to win will be considered obsessive fools. The average tab will see a list of Houston titles and never even consider getting involved in the $ 17.

Yesterday, Houston met Oakland in one of the American League division series. Astro’s bats exploded, almost as if they knew what was coming. They led the A’s 10-5. And put me a little in a funk. A funk that got bigger when the Yankees knocked out a 9-3 win over Tampa Bay later in the evening.

All in all, it was a bad day with the baseball game at Grippi.

• I think of putting this ditty on my tombstone: “Never forget the Astros cheat in 2017.” Too much?

• In a month Pac-12 will start playing football matches. Not many people mind you. Only half a dozen planned and then some sort of playoffs. Seven weeks may seem like a decent amount of time, but it will fly too fast.

However, the time between now and November 7 will seem endless. Fortunately – I’m not sure that’s the right term, but I’m going with it for now – we all have and their nephew dissecting the timetable. Who got a break. Who was dissed. Who has a chance. Who might as well submit it.

No matter who your favorite Pac-12 football program is, it’s probably an analysis of the schedule and how Larry Scott personally was looking to get your school.


A grip on sports: When you rotate against a baseball team, it's always a bad day when they win

WSU: Theo Lawson does not complain about Cougars’ schedule this morning, he only breaks it down in a few ways. First off, he looks at every game and Washington State chance to win it. Then he takes a quick look how many matches the odds makers think WSU will win. If you think the Cougars can win the opening against Oregon State, then take the lead. If not here’s a new product just for you! … Larry Weir spoke with Dennis Patchin and Rick Luken yesterday and last Tap the Box podcast turned to Cougar football. Mike Leach came up. … Around Pac-12 and college sports, Washington leads into the camp and tries to answer some questions. The school is also trying to come up with an answer to increasing COVID-19 numbers. … Yesterday was a good day in Oregon. Not only did ends find out one of their disqualified defensive backs is back, they also received an obligation from a Boise State degree transfer security. … Oregon State rebirth in 2000 began in Washington. … Like we said, scheduling is great everywhere, including Colorado and Utah. … The outdoor defense spent downtime learning some things. … Arizona football coach Kevin Sumlin is away from his team. He has COVID-19. … The Wild cats lost most of their linebacking corps. … In the basketball news, a new hole opened up Oregon schedule.

A grip on sports: When you rotate against a baseball team, it's always a bad day when they win

Gonzaga: So what’s bigger news? The Zag women are still working on their non-conference plan, a circumstance Jim Allen covers in detail, or the Zag men have made a subtle change in their white uniforms, as described in Jim Meehan’s story? If I had a vote, I would vote for the former, but I’m sadly out of touch with the importance of uniforms or shoes or suits or whatever. … Courtney vandersloot set the WNBA assistant record this season. So it’s no surprise she repeated as a first-team All-WNBA selection. … Elsewhere in WCC, BYU coach Mark Pope has spent a lot of time training his players.

EWU and Idaho: Around the great sky, Montana State trying to decide if the basketball team needs a bubble. … Weber states trying to fill the schedule.

Seahawks: It does not look like Jamal Adams will be able to get on the field this week. Maybe that’s good. With a goodbye that follows, he can use the time. Also, Ryan Neal has filled in admirably. … An aggressive Russell Wilson is not just which triggered the Hawks’ offensive burst, he does it while is held in bubble wrap. Not really, but close. … KJ Wright is close to a perfect teammate.

Sounders: It is a new member of the ownership group. Kraken boss Tod Leiweke and wife Tara have bought in.

Storm: Sue the bird seems to just keep going and going. Seventeen years into a professional career, she’s still one of the world’s best point guards. Her Storm team is about to take a new WNBA title.


• Thanks to reader Rob Stark – Yes, winter is coming – by Boise, I realized I never passed our meal on Sunday’s theme day. Maybe it’s because I’m trying to forget it. We tried to make Arepas, a grain meal delicacy from South America that is served in Miami restaurants. We failed. The inside of the small circles never boiled, which forced us to basically point. The carnitas and eggs we made to eat inside Arepas came out well, so we had a breakfast of some kind. And the key lime pie after the game was fantastic. Men Arepas? No. As Bill Belichick can say, on to Minnesota. Last year we made hotdish. This year we lean towards Jucy Lucies. (Yes, the misspelling is intentional.) We’ll see. Until later …

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