A baseball field built in a prison by gang members

A baseball field built in a prison by gang members

A baseball field. (drawing) – Pixabay / Pexels

As reported in an article by Vice World News, a country of
baseball was discovered in the middle of the prison in Tocorón, Venezuela. This sports facility is said to have been built by members of Tren de Aragua, the most powerful criminal group in the country today, reports Slate, Wednesday 21 April.

According to local media, the course has better artificial turf and lighting than some of the country’s professional league equipment, the magazine also reports. Previously used for softball practice, it has been developed by criminal organizations themselves.

Built for all to see

A Venezuelan news site, Runrunes, specified that this project was known to all. Especially by the inhabitants of Maracay, the capital of the state of Aragua, who regularly observed the introduction of materials in
prison. The installation is also quite visible Google Maps.

According to relatives of some arrested, sports equipment is not available to everyone, he says Slate. The country would be exclusively accessible to people with an important place in the gang. In addition, the penitentiary will also be equipped with a swimming pool and a nightclub.

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