2021 Ty France fantasy baseball council

2021 Ty France fantasy baseball council

Ty France of the Mariners.  Ty France fantasy.

PEORIA, ARIZONA – MARCH 9: Ty France No. 23 of the Seattle Mariners hits a double. Ty France fantasy baseball. (Photo by Ralph Freso / Getty Images)

Talk about winning trades … Mariners got a huge steal from the San Diego Padres and For France was an underestimated part of the package. Most people including myself were focused on Taylor trammell and Andres Munoz but for a pleasant surprise France has been in spring training so far.

He absolutely crushes baseball and looks like an MVP caliber player (knock on wood). Now you might be wondering if you should prepare Ty France, and if so, when? We have all the answers.

Ty France fantasy baseball advice

Where does the Mariners player rank?

According to Fantasy Pros, Ty France is an irrelevant fantasy. He is the 328th ranked player among all positions, and may be rolled out in some fantasy leagues based on the rankings.

Are you surprised? I do not, just because he has not had a huge success. Although he was unique in 2020, it is not enough for fantasy experts to consider him a viable starter pack in your fantasy series.

Now if you take a look at the list, he is surrounded by a handful of players you do not care to make on your team. For example, Jonathan Schoop is ranked 327th and Madison Bumgarner is ranked 330th, a few places behind France.

Among other basemen, Ty is the 38th ranked second baseman. They even have Jurickson Profar and Garrett Hampson ranked higher than Mariners infielder.

When we look at the third basemen, the former Padre is even further down. He is ranked 46th after Joey Wendle and before Yandy Diaz.

Should you work out France?

Heck. It’s a no-brainer. Fantasy rankings are informative and can help give you a sense of what the market is like, but it is not something you should follow 100% of the time. Ty France is the perfect example of being an outlier on this list.

Based on how he plays in spring training, I would be more than happy that Ty France was my starting second baseman or third baseman. He looks like a serious All-Star candidate for 2021.

In case he cools off from the spring training performance, which he most likely will, his numbers for 2020 should be more than exciting for fantasy fans. France will give you consistency in several areas. If he repeats the 2020 season, he will give you a high average to balance other players who may not have that high a stroke average historically.

France will give you a solid OPS above .800, which can be a bit difficult to get in the later rounds. Ty should also give you a solid OBP since he is disciplined on the plate and does not strike out too often.

The 26-year-old will most likely have an increased role in 2021 and strike at the heart of the order, which means more opportunities for running and RBI. When he was with Padres, he hit the bottom of the lineup, so of course his runs and RBIs were naturally smaller.

As good as all this sounds, there are some victims in preparing France. He’s not producing as many home runs as you might expect as a third baseman, but he’s having a power rise in Arizona right now. So you never know what will happen. He also will not help you in the department of stolen bases.

When are you going to prepare Ty France?

If you’re in a league full of Mariners fans, chances are Ty France will be drawn. If you’re in a fantasy league where you’re the only Mariners fan, he can easily get drafted. So first and foremost, you need to know your league.

If you happen to be in a league with a lot of Mariners fans, you should jump on France early. As mentioned above, he’s the 328th ranked fantasy player, but you should think of him in the 175-215 range because that’s where the other Mariners players are.

There are a few Mariners players ranked in the 175-215 series, and I think Ty France is as valuable as some of these players. These guys include James Paxton, Rafael Montero, and Kyle seager.

But if you are not in a Mariners fantasy league, you should be able to wait for France to 250+ ranking. There is a chance that Ty France may be the last couple of choices in your draft, but I do not want to risk it. If you want to get France, do not wait.

Stay tuned for more fantasy baseball advice this month.

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