War Hawk Baseball on its way to SCISA AA playoffs

War Hawk Baseball on its way to SCISA AA playoffs

By CINDY CROSBY Cindyc4@yahoo.com The Colleton Prep War Hawk Baseball team qualified to play after the season and will begin competition in the SCISA AA Lower Bracket as the number 3 seed. They meet No. 2 seed Lee Academy on the road Tuesday, April 27th. The War Hawks (11-8, 8-2) ended their regular season with a win over Branchville High School (6-2) and a loss to the Orangeburg Prep (7-6).

Playing on the road to the Orangeburg Prep on Wednesday, April 21, the War Hawks fell behind with five races in the third round. Despite a five-run fifth inning, the War Hawks would fall with a run to the Orangeburg Prep. Carter Smoak started the game for Colleton Prep and surrendered five runs on five hits over three innings, knocking out three. Colton Daniels threw six and a third round in relief, so that a earned run of seven hits, knocked out six and issued three rounds. Daniels led Colleton Prep at the plate, went 3-5 (homerun) with an RBI. Kyle Hooker was 1-3 (homerun) with 2-RBI. Pete Peters, Huiet Rowe, Cole Gulotti, Grayson Mills and Wyland Sheffield each got a hit.

“This loss tonight was tough,” said CPA Baseball Coach Collin Miller. “I loved the way the guys came back and showed that there is no end to this team. When we went down five in the third, the guys could have just rolled over and quit, but that’s not what this team is about. ”

In the home win over Branchville High School on Thursday, April 22, Colleton Prep scored one race in the second inning and added three in the third for an early lead. Hooker started in the last home of the regular season, allowing no hits, hitting six and giving out four innings. Gulotti closed, so that a earned race of four hits, knocked out three and issued three rounds. Hooker went 3-3 on the day with 2-RBI and scored twice. Rowe and Gulotti were both 2-3 in the match. Peters and Daniels each got their hit.

“This was a great game for the playoffs,” Miller said. “The guys were focused and played with a chip on the shoulder tonight, and the result showed. Kyle and Cole were great on the mound tonight, even on the counter, so they are available for the playoffs. “Lee Academy is going to be a tough match in the first round,” Miller said. “They are a well-trained team and will be prepared from the first pitch. I know some of the guys on the team remember what happened two seasons ago when Lee took the title from the CPA in the state finals. I and the coaching staff want the boys prepared and ready. “

When asked about playoff sowing and Colleton Prep who got a No. 3 spot after their only loss in Region IV-AA against (flex) Hilton Head Prep, he had the following to say: “I will not comment on how SCISA decided to change the playoff format less than 72 hours before the end of the playoffs, and how a regional champion must go on the road in the first round of a playoff bracket with double elimination, and not a series of three games.We will play anywhere and anywhere anytime. ”

The JV team lost 9-4 against Orangeburg Prep last week. Colleton Prep had seven hits in the competition, with Cole Davis making two. Owen Harrelson and Will Cain saw the time on the mound for the CPA. They would fall in their final game of the season to Branchville High School (16-3). Jeb Bootle and Braeden Hiers both looked at the mound all the time. Owen Harrelson, Hiers and Britton Phillips all gathered a hit in the competition. “I’m proud of this team this season,” said Miller. “Each of the guys grew up as baseball players, and I look forward to seeing what they look like next season.”

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