Après les tensions à Valence, deux autres interpellations ce mercredi soir.

two men armed with baseball bats arrested

Police made two new arrests in Valencia on Wednesday night, following the violence that has been going on since the weekend. A 30-year-old man is still in custody this Thursday at noon, he was arrested just before 18.00 rue Jules-Guesde with two knives, a baseball bat, 2910 euros on him and cannabis.

At the same time this Wednesday night, a 21-year-old young man was checked by the police with a baseball bat in the car, he was released from custody this Thursday morning and will be recalled to law. This Wednesday, in Valencia, an 18-year-old and another 24-year-old were there summoned to the prosecutor for carrying a knife for no reason, they each wore their own knife and an air-soft pellet gun.

New fireworks and three cars burned in the Romans

In Romans-sur-Isère (Drôme), a 21-year-old man is still in custody this Thursday. He was arrested the day before around 8pm while throwing fireworks at police in the Monnaie district. In addition, three cars were set on fire in front of the SFAM premises after 8 pm.

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