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Three baseball players in Kern Valley receive season bars

In this file May 26, 2021, second year TJ Sanders guards second base. | Shawna spradlin

Three baseball players in Kern Valley have garnered All-Area and honorable mention for their baseball skills on the diamond last season.

Kern Valley High School Head Coach Brian Christianson took to Twitter to congratulate the student-athletes on their athletic achievements.

“Congratulations to Spencer Hansen from @KVHSBroncs for making other teams to the All-Area and to TJ Sanders and Tyler Strange also from @KVHSBroncs for doing the Honorable Mention All-Area,” he wrote.

Among the highlights of the season for the players was leading the Broncs to one series sweep of Foothill Trojans in late May.

Games 1 and 2 were 5-4 and 17-6 wins for the Broncs.

IN game 1, Hansen had a single and stolen base to get in the scoring position, with two outs, and the score was equal to 2, which eventually pushed the Broncs out to 4-2 and gave them a lead they would never give up.

Strange was dominant on the mound for the Broncs, knocked out six and allowed three hits for the Trojans in six innings.

The Broncs scoring was initially led by one single by Sanders.

In match 2, Hansen had three RBIs and struck four laps that allowed six races.

Hansen followed his fantastic performances in the first two games by leading the Broncs to a series celebration of the Trojans in game 3.

Hansen led the Broncs lineup with a single and stolen base to reach the scoring position, putting the Broncs 1-0 after the first half.

He finished the match with three hits on four bats, three stolen bases and two races scored and Sanders notched two hits, an RBI and a stolen base. Strange contributed with one hit, along with two innings with three strikeouts and a turn in Game 3 The Broncs win.

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