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The Strokes play baseball against a robot in “The Adults Are Talking” music video

Streaming Service Spotify uses a traditional year-round advertising campaign to celebrate and support music venues across the United States

In the United States, independent concert halls show fun information about the artists who have performed there: Lady Gaga at the Ritz Ybor in Tampa, Childish Gambino at Aladdin in Portland. The concept may sound simple, but it took a nationwide agreement with Spotify to make it work, and it represents a significant victory for the music industry.

While the latter of fighting in the absence of tours, independent concert halls – arenas that do not belong to multimillion-dollar secons such as Live Nation and AEG – are the most violent. This is why the National Independent Venue Association (NIVA) was formed in the spring: The organization aims to raise awareness and raise funds while working for significant financial assistance from the government. Unfortunately, NIVA is still waiting for Congress to pass the key legislation that companies need to survive.

This is where Spotify comes in. At the end of each year, Spotify launches a marketing campaign called “Wrapped” which usually includes usage statistics, which reveals viewer trends for the year. The streaming platform is also known for uncovering humorous billboards in major cities using valuable data. (In 2016, for example, we read: ” Dear person who played ‘Sorry’ 42 times on Valentine’s Day, what did you do?“)

But this year it will be different. So, ” in 2020, Wrapped tells a story of gratitude and resilience“, Spotify wrote in a press release on Tuesday.

The latter will communicate the listener statistics to the users, but no billboards will be printed. Spotify has decided to redistribute funds from the annual media budget – which covers outdoor advertising such as billboards, and social and digital marketing costs – to donate to NIVA. As a thank you, dozens of NIVA member theaters have allowed Spotify to use its store fronts to ” tell the story of artists who have had a formidable career in 2020, and who have performed in those places that are currently having difficulties“Alex Bodman, vice president of Spotify and global executive vice president, told a news conference Monday morning.

This half a million dollars is the second largest donation that NIVA has received so far; Anhauser Busch donated $ 1 million as the main sponsor of the #SOSFEST event, which was produced by YouTube Music and NIVA. To put it in perspective, one of the bills that NIVA is fighting to get – called Save our scenes – includes $ 10 billion in subsidies.

As Audrey Fix Schaefer, communications manager at NIVA, said at Rolling stone during an interview: ” These independent rooms are the place where the stars of tomorrow fly. You would not have Lady Gaga if you did not have this 250-seat New York City, Bitter End – you would not have Elton John if you did not have Troubadour“.

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