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17 songs and more than a hundred solos played by the best French guitarists, that’s what we have in store United Guitars Vol. 2 ! Release scheduled for December 11, 2020

United guitars is a unique guitar project, initiated last year by Ludovic Egraz (guitarist, director and journalist) and producer Olivia Rivasseau (Mistiroux Productions). The concept: gather the best guitarists in the country in the studio to compose a series of original instrumental tracks loaded with riffs!

One year after the release of United Guitars Vol. 1 an album that was unanimously hailed by fans of six strings – and just a few months after the first edition of the United Guitars Fest at the Théâtre de l’Européen in Paris, United Guitars Vol. 2 was set up in a particularly chaotic context, with 30 guitarists, including 14 new talents joining the team.

The result: an eclectic double album, a true musical journey where musicians – whether their group leaders, session musicians or YouTubers – adopt a variety of styles, from rock to hard rock through metal blues, prog, fusion, funk and world music. And their 17 new pieces testify to this dizzyingly expressive power specific to the electric guitar, an instrument that has stretched over decades, and continues to fascinate and resonate in an increasingly virtual musical context. United Guitars Vol. 2 is a new declaration of love for this demanding mistress with multiple personalities and endless resources, the subject of our (sometimes irrational) obsessions and for whom we will continue to sacrifice parts of our lives.

To pre-order the album “United Guitars Vol. 2” in double CD or triple getfold vinyl:

First single, “First Will Be Last”:

The 30 guitarists who participated in the recording are : Doug Aldrich, Matt Hawk Asselberghs, Nina Attal, Michaal Benjelloun, Simon Borro, Fred Chapellier, Nico Chona, Youri De Groote, Fabrice Dutour, Ludovic Egraz, Thomas Fratti, Jean Fontanille, Florent Garcia, Nym Rhosilir, Yvan Guillevic, Judge Fredd , Yoann Kempst, Xavier Lacombrade, Jean-Philippe Lioret, Manu Livertout, Anthony Magro, NeoGeoFanatic, Pat O’May, Yarol Poupaud, Manou Rao, Saturax, Régis Savigny, François Tuphé, Swan Vaude and Pascal Vigné.

Last single to discover, “Funky Enough”:

To know all about each of these amazing musicians, just go to HERE !

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