The state of the game in major league baseball

The state of the game in major league baseball

The first month of activity is already over in Major League Baseball, and it’s time to assess the overall performance of the teams.

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1. Los Angeles Dodgers (17-12)

Due to the pandemic, the Dodgers failed to celebrate as much as they wanted when they won the World Series in 2020. But when you look at the results from the start of the season, we are aware that there are a lot of positive things about not having a hangover. Despite some problems at the end of the month, the Dodgers still look very solid, and the defending champions can be difficult to reign.

2. Milwaukee Brewers (17-11)

Brewers’ starting pitcher performance was impressive in the first weeks of the season. Despite an anemic attack and Christian Yelich’s long absence, the Brewers have proved that they have a good team, in a division where the door is wide open.

3. Boston Red Sox (17-12)

This is really one of the nice surprises of the first month of the season. Not only did we not see them in the lead after a month, but we must not forget that they were swept home by the Orioles in the season’s first series. But for now, Alex Cora is pulling the strings.

4. Kansas City Royals (16-10)

What a pleasant surprise, these royals, with their mix of big and small. It should not last, but the Royals may be better than they thought.

5. Oakland Athletics (17-12)

After a terrible first week, the A regained confidence and had a winning streak of 12 games. As every year, it seems that Bob Melvin can utilize the talent of every player on the team despite a small budget.

6. San Francisco Giants (17-11)

The Giants seem to have hit the jackpot with a few projects like Aaron Sanchez and Anthony Desclafani. The team gives few points, and at the moment they are with the Dodgers and Padres.

7. Chicago White Sox (15-12)

Yermin Mercedes

AFP image

Yermin Mercedes

Tony Larussa’s first month at the helm has been an eventful month, but the results are still satisfactory. The rise of Yermin Mercedes and the resurrection of Carlos Rodon are two good news for the Central Division favorites.

8. San Diego Padres (16-13)

Expectations were high for Padres fans after the most productive winter in team history. Despite a few major injuries, the Padres came out of this first month with a positive record and also proved to the Dodgers that they are now title candidates.

9. St. Louis Cardinals (16-12)

They have not ruined anything the first month as a favorite in the Central Division, but they are from behind the Brewers.

10. Houston Astros (15-13)

After a good start, the Astros tripled, in addition to being hit by COVID-19. The lack of depth at the mound is already felt.

11. Toronto Blue Jays (14-12)

Vladimir Guerrero son

AFP image

Vladimir Guerrero son

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. was magical the first month. Hopefully he gets more support in May from his teammates so that the team shows more consistency.

12. Philadelphia Phillies (13-15)

The succession is definitely more solid than last year, but the lack of talent on the ground is still ubiquitous. A big challenge awaits Joe Girardi to lead this team to the playoffs.

13. Seattle Mariners (16-13)

A positive first month, but the logic should be respected quickly, especially with the serious injury to “Big Maple” James Paxton.

14. Los Angeles Angels (13-13)

The years go by and look the same for the Angels. Trout and Rendon have missed matches with injuries, and the pitch performance has been quite poor. Expectations are high for the 2021 edition of Angels, but the first month leads us to believe that the recipe written may not be as good as we thought.

15. New York Mets (11-11)

Francisco Lindor’s first month in New York did not go as planned, and so did the Mets attack. However, strong performances from pitchers like Jacob deGrom, Marcus Stroman and a few relievers in the first month of the season still did positively.

16. Cleveland Indians (13-13)

With good jugs you can still manage. A good first month without Francisco Lindor, under the circumstances.

17. Arizona Diamondbacks (15-13)

They have a very average club in a very strong division. Under the circumstances, the results are still very satisfactory.

18. Washington Nationals (12-12)

COVID-19 has not helped the Nationals, but the club has looked like they are aging at times on the field.

19. New York Yankees (14-14)

The Yankees had none of the Bronx Bombers at the start of the campaign. Fortunately, they ended the month on a good note, because the pressure was already starting to increase.

20. Tampa Bay Rays (14-15)

It was thought that the departure of Charlie Morton and Blake Snell would undermine the Rays’ chances, but the arrival of some good young arms has made up for the losses so far. Rather, it was the attack that was sought during the first 30 days of the season. If we manage to get out of this offensive confusion, everything indicates that the Rays will be candidates for the title of the Eastern Division.

21. Atlanta Braves (12-16)

They stumbled out of the starting blocks, but slowly we felt the talent take over. However, Brian Snitker needs better performance from his pitchers in general.

22. Cincinnati Reds (13-14)

They got off to a good start, but slowed down in the second half of April. Sonny Gray’s return to form should go a long way for the Reds and the rotation in an attempt to prove that they are more than a .500 player club.

23. Baltimore Orioles (13-15)

They made us believe at the beginning of the season that they would be competitive, but they quickly resumed their bad habits.

Pittsburgh Pirates (12-15)

Their record is not good, but they are more competitive than expected.

25. Miami Marlins (11-16)

The Marlins need to look for reinforcements in case of offense and bring a little more power to help their young, very talented pitching staff.

26. Chicago Cubs (12-16)

Problems in attack and lack of depth at the mound. David Ross does not appear to have the ammunition to lead this team to the playoffs.

27. Texas Rangers (13-16)

They are doomed to end up in the shallows, especially because of their lack of depth at the mound.

28. Minnesota Twins (10-16)

The Twins represent one of the big disappointments of the first month of the season. Alex Colome, one of their important offseason signings, has been so cruel that he has already lost his job as a reliever. But I’m still convinced that they are better than what their record shows.

29. Colorado Rockies (10-18)

The team’s general manager has already resigned. It remains to be seen who will inherit the task of rebuilding the team.

30. Detroit Tigers (8-21)

The offense is anemic, the worst in major league baseball, and the relief is last for the earned average run. Their slow start to the season proves that a lot of work remains.

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