The Sharks 29 baseball team is at a new base in Fouesnant - Fouesnant

The Sharks 29 baseball team is at a new base in Fouesnant – Fouesnant

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Neither a diving club nor an association that groups defenders of underwater fauna … No, Sharks 29 * is the name of the Cornish baseball club. The young people who trained in Fouesnant and those in Quimper played a very first match on Saturday morning in the form of a demo.

In the purest tradition, this opening meeting was played in the presence of parents and elected representatives, in the space offered by a good old football field.

“Baseball is a complete sport, it helps young people work on concentration, balance, hand-eye coordination and quick decision-making, as well as teamwork,” commented Laura Jambou, co-president of the Cornish Sharks29 club and referee in the Fouesnant region. “In defense, the nine players on the field develop to eliminate the players in attack. To get points, they have to run around the bases after hitting the ball, she continued, trying to explain the rules of the game to spectators on Saturday morning.

The Sharks 29 baseball team is at a new base in Fouesnant - Fouesnant
“Sharks 29”: a name and a visually perfectly inscribed in the American representation of the discipline. “We wanted a cartoon mascot, to attract children. The shark was not caught … ”(Image Club Shars29)

Weekly hours

“We offer weekly training sessions on Saturdays from 10 to 12 in Kervihan, given by teachers. So far, eight young Fouesnantais have joined us. But we expect more ”. A team consists of nine players. To popularize their favorite sport, the leaders of Sharks29 have chosen to open mixed sections for young people (9-15 years) in Cornouaille. The Fouesnant region is the first experience of “decentralization”. The chairmanship of Laura Jambou and Simon Merlet now intends to spread the good word to Cornouaille’s four corners.

Laura Jambou, baseball in the skin.
“I was an au pair in New York. The family was a fan of Met’s, one of the two clubs in town. I got the virus, says Laura Jambou. (Photo: Christian Le Beuze)

Created in 2015

The Sharks29 Club was created in 2015 by a group of friends, including Fabien Le Loup, also a communications professional, at the forefront. With this sport, it is a part of American culture that enters Cornish soil.

The young club is based in Quimper and has developed ever since the stabilized ground in Créac’h-Gwen. It now has around forty licensees, young and old.

“There are 220 clubs in France; 21, only in Brittany. It is a sport in full development, with one club storage per season “, assures Laura Jambou.


Two workouts are offered. You only need to come in sportswear with a bottle of water and a hat, the specific equipment is lent out. “The coaches ensure the application of current health rules”. Annual subscription: 85 €. Telephone. 06 59 86 71 73;

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