The Rocket South Shore joins forces with new Sherbrooke junior baseball team - SPORTS - Rgionaux -

The Rocket South Shore joins forces with new Sherbrooke junior baseball team – SPORTS – Rgionaux –

The Sherbrooke Training Director is excited about this connection with the Coaticook team, which will give players an interesting springboard between AA and elite caliber.

Rocket South Shore, whose selection camps usually take place near Easter, normally has 18 to 20 players on the benches each year. Michaël St-Pierre, scout and vice president of training, explains that the majority of his players come from Estrie and its surroundings: “Our core of players come mainly from Sherbrooke and Drummondville”. The implementation of a junior AA baseball team in Sherbrooke not only allows non-Rocket South Shore athletes to develop in a competitive caliber, but also appears to be another opportunity for players to develop in their region.

Mr. St-Pierre mentions that this association also benefits coaticook coaches and team leaders, for example when it comes to recruiting substitutes. “It makes it easier for us to get around,” he says, emphasizing that he could sometimes travel to the North Shore of Montreal for the same reasons. Rocket South Shore, who play their matches at Julien-Morin Stadium, had even already planned to create a Junior AA team in Coaticook.

” [Michaël St-Pierre] contacted me immediately after the announcement of the junior team in Sherbrooke, “said the appointed CEO, Vincent Laroche. Such an association allows the Sherbrooke formation to rely on an insured pool of players, while there is always some uncertainty about the number of registrations or the general interest in such a team.

At an age where almost all young athletes have jobs in the summer, it is also more difficult to form a team where all the players can be present full time: the proximity to the two teams can only be beneficial for them. . The Quebec Elite Junior Baseball League (LBJEQ) selects players ages 18 to 22, while the Quebec Junior AA Baseball League (LBJAAQ) welcomes players ages 19 to 22.

Sherbrooke baseball teams, whose coaches are still unknown, estimate they have a list of at least 15 players. The caliber it will develop in – AA – is especially confirmed by this collaboration.

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