the pioneers separate the awards for two offensive festivals

the pioneers separate the awards for two offensive festivals

the pioneers separate the awards for two offensive festivals

Saguenay dwarf AAA Pioneers separated the awards of the two duels against the Charlesbourg Cannoniers, Wednesday afternoon, at Richard-Desmeules Stadium in Jonquière. In Game 1, the Cannoniers won 16-11, before seeing the Pioneers score 20 points in a 20-13 victory.


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The Pioneers were back in action on Wednesday after the season opener last Saturday was put on hold in the fifth round due to rain. The mark was still 0 to 0.

After the meetings, the new head coach of the Pioneers, Nicolas Doré, talked about a completely crazy day. “It does not make sense. I’ve never seen. I had seen it before, a meeting with a football brand, but the two matches in a double program, never. Wrong, hit, we’ve seen everything. It was crazy. “

In Game 1, Charlesbourg took a 2-0 lead from the start, but Saguenay came back from behind and took a 3-2 lead after one set. Two two-run and one-run innings gave the Cannoniers a four-run priority, but the Pioneers came back with a four-run inning. The guests returned to the charge with two points in the fifth and four in the sixth to give themselves six lengths in advance. Despite a new four-point hit in the sixth, the Pioneers failed to come back as the Cannoniers added three more points in the seventh.

Pioneers head coach Nicolas Doré.

Pioneers head coach Nicolas Doré.

In the second match, the visitors started the match strong again with five points this time, but the locals responded even harder by bringing home seven runners. Leading 10-9 in the third, the Pioneers exploded by eight points and never looked back. They scored 20 points in just nine hits.

“We threw a lot of balls. We made concentration mistakes, small mistakes that were easy to avoid, but the two teams could not do the details, and that was why we saw heat of five, seven and eight points. I’m happy with how our guys reacted. At the other end, they were good at hammering at us, but our guys hit back every time, like in game 2 when they scored five runs in the first set, and we took seven in our turn to bat. », Sa Nicolas Doré.

The coach also wanted to highlight the work of Alexandre Munger, author of a home run and a double for four RBIs, before adding two doubles and a single in addition to producing one point and scoring three in the second. “It was the spark for our attack today. “

Doré was in her first steps at the helm of the team. Assistant coach last season, his first double program as a driver was not easy. “I enjoyed my debut. Communication was good with Evans [Lavoie] and Luc [Boisvert]. It could have been better, but we are a group of coaches starting together, and we also want to improve. “

The Pioneers are back on the field on Thursday with two games in Sherbrooke, one against Rive-Sud Noir and the other against Estrie-Richelieu-Yamaska. On Saturday, Nicolas Doré’s squad will be in Lévis to complete their duel that started last Saturday against Montreal, in addition to meeting Montreal again, then Lévis.

“It’s starting pretty strong. We need to get the day off to a good start. We will use all our players. Everyone will have to participate in the effort, “concluded Nicolas Doré.

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