The many mysteries of a baseball January

The many mysteries of a baseball January

KC Royals

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The beginning of each new year confronts KC Royals with a series of questions, and this January is no different.

It is now January, usually the last month of baseball winter before February begins spring training and the germination of a new season. However, baseball in January is far different than a year ago – COVID-19 had not yet exploded in America or the game in the first week of 2020, but it is now uncertain exactly when KC Royals and other clubs will open spring camp and then the season, and where long season will be.

However, it looks like the upcoming campaign will be longer than last; the question is more “when” it starts than “if.” So January’s transition period, when thoughts slowly begin to turn from free agency and trade to the actual season, begins again. For the royals, this January has more promise than recently, and this month’s questions are not the same as they were this time last year.

Take, for example, the signatures from last winter of the reliefs Trevor Rosenthal and Greg Holland. The pair of cheap, low-risk purchases generated little more than skepticism bordering on confusion, but turned into good grips.

This month, however, calls with the welcome news Holland is coming back, and Rosenthal’s return, the chances that it is not good, would be greeted with equal joy. Success, as always, changes everything.

What other January questions did 2020 answer, and what does 2021 bring? Let’s take a look.

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