The integrity of baseball has prevailed

The integrity of baseball has prevailed

For the first time since 2013, the Baseball Writers Association of America has not selected any new players to the Baseball Hall of Fame. The most important voters are almost 400 journalists who have been commissioned to cover the activities of major league baseball for at least 10 years.

There are several criteria for determining the inclusion of a player in the Baseball Hall of Fame: the player’s career record, his skills, his sportsmanship, his character, his contribution to each of the teams he played for and its integrity.

No to bonds and clamps

The old guard for journalists who have been granted baseball coverage has decided not to open the doors to Cooperstown for Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens.

According to them, the two players had questioned the integrity of baseball. They are believed to have used anabolic steroids. Nevertheless, neither bonds nor Clemens have failed doping tests for the use of anabolic steroids.

If the old guard of journalists wants to maintain their credibility and that we again do not doubt their integrity, they must be constant.

So former Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte, who admitted to using steroids, Alex Rodriquez, who was suspended for using illegal products, and David Ortiz, who failed to try before being released, must suffer the same fate as bonds and Clemens .

After this year’s votes, I strongly doubt that Bonds and Clemens will return to the good graces of journalists.

Schilling is tired of journalists

Curt Schilling escaped his Hall of Fame recording with 16 votes. The former pitcher said he has never been involved in physical violence with people, has not been drunk and has never taken anabolic steroids. Analyzing the selection criteria does not justify exclusion from the Pantheon.

So why this harsh and undeserved verdict?

There are 14 journalists who did not fill out the ballot paper.

That they give up the right to vote, because for several years there will still be the same candidates, and among the players to be added, some have been suspended for using anabolic steroids.

The old guard of journalists does not accept Schilling’s political positions. The big right-hander became the first player in baseball history to demand that his name be removed from next year’s nomination list. He wants to be judged by the veterans committee, not by journalists.

The big winners: the old guard of journalists, who does nothing but use his mistake in the veterans committee, knowing that Schilling will be elected by the committee.

The controversial vote by journalists questioning their integrity came on the same day as the greatest player in baseball history and a man of integrity, Hank Aaron, was honored.

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