The Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame honors Ontarian who works in South Korea

The Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame honors Ontarian who works in South Korea

The 35-year-old, who plays for SK Wyverns in KBO, South Korea, was honored with the Tip O’Neill Award, awarded annually to the Canadian player who has excelled individually and made a major contribution to his while adhering to the greatest ideals of baseball. .

The conversation came as a big surprise to Romak, who grew up just 45 minutes from the Canadian baseball pantheon. He thought he had been forgotten by working outside the professional ranks of North America.

Before him, no Canadian who played in a professional baseball league abroad had been awarded such an honor.

It means a lot to me, he said. Sometimes when we make the decision to play on the other side of the world, we can have the impression of being forgotten, but of being recognized that way for, I think, all our work rather that the last season alone is really great.

I get messages from people I have not been able to talk to in recent years [à cause de nos horaires complètement différents], and I think that’s the best part about it. It gives us the opportunity to compensate for lost time.

Jamie Romak, 2020 Canadian baseball player of the year

Larry Walker, who received the Tip O’Neill Award nine times during his illustrious career, congratulated him this morning. It’s not every day you get a message from a Hall of Fame (Major League Baseball) member! emphasizes Romak.

Romak is not the only Canadian who has played elsewhere than in MLB in 2020 for having won awards. Brock Dykxhoorn, who played in the Chinese Professional League, also received votes.

Tyler O’Neill, Joey Votto (7-time winner), Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Jordan Romano, Cal Quantrill and Rowan Wick, who all played in the Major League in 2020, also appeared in the reports.

Finally reunited with their own

Jamie Romak hugs his youngest son during a video conference call.

Back in Canada, Jamie Romak managed to spend time with his wife and two boys, the youngest (pictured) was born 10 days before he left for South Korea.

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Romak has just completed its fourth season with SK Wyverns. He was one of the most dominant drummers in KBO with his 32 home runs.

Off the field, the latest campaign was more tried and tested due to the pandemic. The Tip O’Neill award works like a nice balm, but his return to Canada makes him even happier.

Romak’s wife gave birth to the couple’s second child ten days before Jamie left for South Korea, and the couple and their children could not be reunited until the player returned after the season.

Back to South Korea soon

We had hoped that they could all come in July, but for various reasons it did not work, in the end we spent almost eight months away from each other, says Ontarioian. When I returned, I was introduced to my nine-month-old son as if I had never seen him.

Romak believes that the two weeks of quarantine he had to undergo on his return, however, was one blessing.

Being able to share the news with my mother must have meant a lot to her, and I understand that a little more now, he remarks. This day and these stories will be moments and anecdotes that we can share for the rest of our days. I could not have been happier.

Romak renewed his contract with SK Wyverns at the end of October. He will therefore be back in South Korea from January, but this time the whole family can take the trip.

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