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The Burlington Baseball Series was renamed the Sock Puppets | Sport
The Burlington Baseball Series was renamed the Sock Puppets |  Sport

The Burlington Baseball Series was renamed the Sock Puppets | Sport

Baseball in Burlington finally has its own identity. One that embraces the history of society, and one that they can say is unique to them. Burlington Baseball announced on the morning of Monday 1 February via their Youtube channel that the long-awaited rebranding process has culminated in the team’s socking different identity, now known as the Burlington Sock Puppets. The identity, created by Dan Simon from Studio Simon, celebrates the rich textile tradition in this area by having two different sock puppets inside the primary logo.

“As we explored all possible identities for the team and engaged locally with so many different people, the stories and answers revolved around the uniqueness of what makes Burlington so special – and in the end, it’s the people.” Ryan Keur, owner and president of the club, stated. “The people here in Burlington, both those who are new to the area and those who have been here for so long, have this desire to be great. It is a community that works well together and has moved from industry to industry over the last hundred years. One thing that stood out was that Burlington was the “capital of the South”, and when we started discussing a name – everyone kept saying that they wanted something “to own”, something “unique” that no one in the United States could say they had. … and with that a textile-themed “Sock Puppet” identity was born. “Keur continued:” It’s playful, fun and will resonate with the history of Burlington, but sends us into the future as one of the best entertainment and sports teams. in the country! Light, camera, action! All eyes are on Burlington, North Carolina and SOCKVILLE, USA! “

Anderson Rathbun, team leader, added: “Burlington has always represented another team and another city’s brand. It’s an incredibly exciting opportunity here that we now get something that reflects our team and reflects our community.” The Burlington Club has worn identities such as the Senators (after the Washington Club), the Indians (after the Cleveland Club) and most recently the Royals (after the Kansas City Club).

The new identity will be on full display on June 5 when the Sock Puppets take the field for the very first time at Burlington Athletic Stadium. With some of the best collegiate athletes across the country, the renewed Appalachian League run by MLB and USA Baseball will have the Sock Puppets play 27 entertaining home games in Burlington, North Carolina from June to August. This new era of Burlington Baseball is based on a valuable entertainment experience that will be one of the most important summer traditions in Central North Carolina in the years to come.

During the video, several participants discussed the return of baseball in Burlington and the revival of the Appalachian League, which was thought to potentially go away permanently before Major League Baseball devised a scheme to use college players in a wooden butterfly format to keep the league alive.

“There’s a way to the big leagues for every player,” said former MLB All-Star second baseman Harold Reynolds. “That’s why I’m so excited about what’s going on here in the new Appy League. This will be exciting. It’s going to be good for your community. It’s going to be good for your league. And more importantly, it’s going to be good for baseball. How cool is it that baseball stays in the Appy League? ”

“Burlington society has always been about resilience, innovation, finding ways to adapt. I think we were hoping for something that could help us tell that message to all the people in our community, ”added Burlington City Manager Hardin Watkins.

“This is a monumental occasion for the city of Burlington and Burlington baseball. We are so excited about this result, ”added Keur. “After talking to many of our stakeholders, fans and people close and wide, we are excited about what ended up happening. If this process, and the fun we had throughout it, was any indication of the fun that was about to happen, I think our fans and the entire baseball world are in for a real treat. ”

About the sock puppets

Burlington Sock Puppets are owned and operated by Knuckleball Entertainment, LLC. As a member of the Appalachian League run by Major League Baseball and USA Baseball, the Sock Puppets will have the best collegiate baseball players from across the country rising every summer. With all the home games played at Burlington Athletic Stadium, the club strives to provide the city of Burlington, Alamance County and the surrounding Central North Carolina area with unique family entertainment. For information on seasonal membership, hosting an excursion at the ballpark, working with the team and more, visit

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