The birthplace of baseball in Canada is in southwestern Ontario

Baseball is so closely linked to American popular culture that it is easy to imagine that the sport has its origins in this country. However, it is on the other side of the Atlantic that the idea of ​​having fun in this way first took place in the 18th century.e century and perhaps even as early as the Middle Ages. The Anglo-Saxons who came to settle in North America took this sport with them as during XIXe century, has evolved a bit to take the form we know today.

Moreover, it was not only in the United States that baseball was established early: at the same time in Upper Canada, that is, present-day Ontario, more or less improvised games gathered young and old in search of relaxation.

It is more precise in southwestern Ontario that baseball first became popular in our latitudes, and the local tourism industry has committed itself to making this story known.

This is how guided tours are organized this summer at Labatt Memorial Park in London. Established in 1877, it is the oldest baseball field in the world that has been in continuous use to this day. Visitors will be able to discover this site from all angles, as well as several objects that are rarely seen by the public. They will be able to learn more about the history of baseball in London and the team, Majors, which will celebrate 100 years in 2025.

Labatt Memorial Park will also be connected through a partnership with two other sites in the region: the Hall of Fame and the Canadian Baseball Museum in St. Mary’s and the District Museum in Beachville. These two communities are located near London, and their connection to baseball comes from a game that was played in Beachville in 1838 and was among the very first to be described in detail in a magazine.

The current partnership will allow these two museums and Labatt Memorial Park to offer a common passport to market the region as an important place in Canadian baseball history. This new tourist circle will be the subject of a website among other promotional approaches.

After a very tough year, the tourism industry really needs to rebuild its strength. Such an initiative will make it possible to develop a market that is certainly very targeted, but which deserves better visibility.

PHOTO (Archive The action) – The baseball field at Labatt Memorial Park dates back to 1877.

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