The average salary in major baseball is down

The average salary in major baseball is down

(New York) The average salary in Major Baseball has fallen 4.8% to just under 4.17 million dollars on the season opening day from the start of the previous full season in 2019.

The Canadian Press

This average has fallen 6.4% since the start of the 2017 season, when it reached a peak of 4.45 million, according to a study of major league contracts from the Associated Press. Falling wages are another idea that baseball may be heading for a labor dispute and a possible work stoppage in 2022.

Middle-class baseball players suffered the most from the decline. The median salary – the amount that divides players into two equal groups, where half earns more than that amount and the other half earns less than that amount – is 1.15 million, a decrease of 18% from 1.4 million two years ago and a fall of 30% from the record 1.65 million at the beginning of 2015.

Of the 902 players on the tournament roster on the first day of the season, 417 (62%) had salaries below $ 1 million, including 316 (35%) below $ 600,000.

The 50 highest paid players receive 33.4% of all salaries, up from 28.6% in 2017, and the top 100 highest paid players receive 52.4%, an increase from 42.5% in 2017.

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer is the highest paid player in 2021 at 38 million after accepting a 102 million three-year contract that he can terminate after one season. Outfielder Mike Trout, also known as the Dodgers, ranks second at 37.1 million, followed by New York Yankees pitcher Gerrit Cole ($ 36 million) and St. Louis Cardinals third baseman Nolan Arenado (35 million), acquired during a trade with Colorado Rockies in the low season.

World Series Champions Dodgers lead the Major League with a salary of 241 million, the highest amount since the Dodgers set the record at 270 million at the start of the 2015 season.

The players are dissatisfied with the wage reduction under the current collective agreement, even ahead of last year’s pandemic season, and they intend to push for changes during the collective bargaining negotiations this year to replace the contract that expires December.

The average was just over $ 500,000 when the AP began wage studies in 1989 and fell only twice before 2017: after the 1994-95 strike and between the 2003 and 2004 seasons.

The average fell 4.9% under the current collective agreement, which entered into force after the 2016 season. The average increased by 15.3% under the 2007-11 agreement and 32.6% under the 2012-16 agreement.

This year’s declining average was amplified by the absence on the opening day of Astros pitcher Jake Odorizzi, who was left out of the original lineup, and nominates Rougned Odor, who was called to the Texas Rangers subpoena and then traded to the Yankees. Their presence on the season’s opening day would have increased by an average of around $ 24,000, reducing the two-year decline to 4.2%.

Add money The Boston Red Sox owe Dustin Pedroia, on the list of volunteer retirees after missing most of the three previous seasons while injured, the average would have been down 3.9% to 4.2 million. Severance pay, repurchase of options and parts of signing bonuses paid to released players are not included in the average.

The New York Yankees are number two at 201 million and the New York Mets, with new owner Steven Cohen, are number three at 186 million. The Angels then follow 181 million ahead of the Washington Nationals (179.6 million), Red Sox (179.5 million), Astros (176.5 million), San Diego Padres (175.7 million) and Philadelphia Phillies (174.8 million) .

-By Ronald Blum, Associated Press

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