Teens Searched in Deadly Chicago Attack;  Man Beat With Baseball Bat and Set on Fire - NBC Chicago

Teens Searched in Deadly Chicago Attack; Man Beat With Baseball Bat and Set on Fire – NBC Chicago

Nearly two months after his death, Chicago police still have not found those who viciously attacked a 74-year-old man with a baseball bat on the city’s Far Southeast Side.

Police said the victim, Earl Miller, was hit with a baseball bat and set on fire by a group of teenagers in September.

Miller’s niece told NBC 5 that after almost two months without a leader, she only wants justice for her uncle.

“No one deserves to die like this, especially 74 years old,” said Braxton Usher, the victim’s niece.

Usher is still dealing with the death of his close relative.

“He did not bother anyone. He did not talk to people, “she said. “If you needed anything, he gave it to you to know that someone made him so vicious, broke my heart again.

Miller went on 103Street near Yale Avenue when he was attacked around 8.30pm on September 22nd.

“I do not want to rest until they are found, and I want to do what I have to do, and that is what I have done,” Usher said.

A source told NBC 5 News that investigators believe he was accidentally attacked by a group of up to five teenagers with a baseball bat.

He was again abused on the sidewalk. Shortly afterwards, the group returned and set fire to his body. Officers found his body in the gangway of a vacant home.

“I do not know if it was a game for them or what it was,” said his niece. “Justice must definitely be served.”

This week, Chicago police released a new surveillance video showing two suspects.

“We just need everyone’s help to identify the two who went into the gas station,” Usher said.

The first suspect was seen walking into the gas station about a block away from the scene with a multicolored backpack. The other suspect was seen outside in the parking lot of the gas station.

“I really hope they get caught because for you to sit here and do another human being that way and plan it to go to the gas station to get gas, to hit someone first and then set them on fire and put cardboard on top of his body, so that he was burned very badly to the point where we could not identify him, “said the victim’s niece.

Teens Searched in Deadly Chicago Attack; Man Beat With Baseball Bat and Set on Fire - NBC Chicago

Usher hopes only someone in society will recognize the individuals and give them in.

“They knew what they were doing, it’s not going to stop with my uncle,” she said. “Someone else will be the next victim, and I do not want that to happen because that kind of pain is a pain no one can come back from.”

A source told NBC 5 News that there have been several incidents in the same area involving a group of teenagers. Investigators are trying to determine if the same group may be linked to Miller’s death.

If you have recognized the suspects or have information that could help the police, you are asked to call area 2 detectives at (312) 747-8271, or you can submit an anonymous tip on CPDTip.com

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