Steve Green toujours animé par la passion du baseball

Steve Green is still driven by his passion for baseball

BASEBALL. Steve Green’s best year is behind him, but that does not stop him from being proud and excited to join Brock of Drummondville.

Green was abandoned by the Beavers of Acton Vale, and was claimed by Brock during expansion draft by Quebec Major League Baseball (LBMQ), last Saturday. Held away from the competition for two years, the 42-year-old right-handed pitcher said he was both surprised and flattered by Mathieu Audet’s encouragement.

“It warms my heart to hear that I’m part of Brock’s plans. My time in Acton Vale ended with a fishtail, so I had surgery on my right hip a year ago. I have no more pain, but I do not know if I will return as before. I know I’m not at the top of the game anymore, but I want to do my best to throw good innings, ”said Steve Green.

In case his performance does not meet expectations, the former professional man even says that he is ready to work to lose the cases to save the arms of the best mugs in the team. “Brock trusted me by choosing me. So I owe them a bet. It is an opportunity that presents itself and that I want to seize. This may be my last chance, said Green, who intends to share his knowledge with the young wolves in the organization.

“I will not talk to them about the mechanics, but more about the mental aspect of the game.”

Baseball flame

A sign that he is not yet ready to hang up, Green has recently redesigned his basement and garage so he can train properly in the cold season. Man is still driven by the same passion.

“I still love competition. I threw in the pros and the Olympics, but I got older. Now I want to continue playing at the highest possible level. I tried the specified bullet but did not feel the same flame. When I throw baseball, I start thinking about it a few days before I leave, ”said the Otterburn Park resident.

According to Green, LBMQ remains the best baseball caliber in Quebec. “It is a very competitive league. The level is even higher than in the junior elite, because it is a sport where you learn many things when you mature, “said the one who claims a earned score of 1.64 and no less than 414 strike. batting in 326 career rounds on this circuit.

Steve Green is still driven by his passion for baseball
Drafted by the Anaheim Angels in 1997, Steve Green played a major game in 2001. (Photo: Pinterest)

The new Brock member believes the team has the tools to compete against opponents in its first season. “We are not going to win everything, but we will not be there as tourists either. And once in the playoffs, it doesn’t take much to spark the spark. Sometimes all it takes is good chemistry to cause a surprise, ”claimed the man who was named QMLB’s most valuable end player in 2017, when he won the reels.

In 2001, at the age of 23, Steve Green made every player’s dream come true by playing a major league baseball game. A feat he achieved in the uniform of the Anaheim Angels during a game played at home at Oakland Athletics.

“Beyond this match, the most precious memory for me is that my parents and my best friend were able to participate. They managed to take a last minute flight to come and live this moment with me, “said the man who rode on his shock in less professional ranks for ten years, in addition to representing Canada in the Olympics. from 2008.

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