Spring Valley baseball field vandalized before the season

Spring Valley baseball field vandalized before the season

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) – After already waiting for the season to start, another strike against the Spring Valley High School baseball team following an overnight vandalism earlier this week.

“We were in the process of building a locker room for our children that is needed. Therefore, the fence was down. We had to pour the concrete, and that’s how the people got on the field, “said baseball coach Austin Pratt.

When you drive over a section of concrete through the open area, tire tracks of about 2 to 4 inches are left on the grass.

Accessories were damaged.

“Our sprinkler system had not worked in eight years, and we finally got it repaired. One of the new sprinkler heads we installed … it is very loose now where one of the tire marks hits, “said Pratt.

Together, these injuries make playing baseball a safety hazard.

“All parts of the field, the balls will appear and hit someone in the face,” Pratt said.

Although the spring sport in West Virginia is allowed to resume in a short month, Pratt says until these injuries are resolved, their field is unplayable.

Pratt says thousands of dollars will have to go to these repairs – money that has been difficult to obtain due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Senior player Hank Hinchman was devastated by the wake of the field, and hopes to see a homerun for the field’s repairs sometime in the near future.

“Myself and the other seniors are quite upset, because we do not know if we had much time to get exercises and games before March,” Hinchman said.

Donations that can help repair the field can be sent to: Spring Valley Athletic Boosters Association, Spring Valley Baseball, PO BOX 1222, Ceredo, WV 25507

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