Some New Suggestions for Renaming the Cleveland Indians: Baseball Week

Some New Suggestions for Renaming the Cleveland Indians: Baseball Week

CLEVELAND, Ohio – The Native American season is over. The World Series is almost here, and Francisco Lindor has not been traded yet.

What’s left to talk about? How about a new name for the Indians. It is a topic that always arouses the debate no matter what season it is discussed.

The flood of proposals to rename the Indians came after the organization said they would explore possibility of name change July 3. But the proposals did not really stop. New names for Cleveland’s favorite ball club have been leaking all year.

We’re not talking about Guardians, the Fighting Walleyes, Blue or Green Sox, Midges, Spiders or the Cleveland Baseball Team. Any connection to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame – Rocks, Rock Stars, North Coast Rockers – is also allowed.

We’re not even talking about jewels like Cleveland Rock-a-Fellers. Think about it, one name covers Rock Hall, Hall of Famer Bob Feller and former Cleveland millionaire John D. Rockefeller. It took something to do, but that ground has been turned more than once.

We’re talking about some names you may not have heard before. Let’s take the step, category by category. (Editor’s note: when reading these names, remember to put Cleveland in front of them. It’s more fun that way).

City by the sea: Belters (after Rust Belt and the home races they will hopefully hit), Centrals (best location in the nation), Rapids (as in RTA), Municipalities and Native Sons.

Weather: Frost Bites and Snowdogs.

In the wilderness: The Wolverines, Junk Yard Dogs, Pachyderms, Riverines (if there is such a thing), Tarantulas, thoroughbred dogs and canines.

Swim like a fish: Mudpuppies, eels and lampreys.

Drinks like a fish: The Beer Knights (as in Rebellion) and Bootleggers

Feathered friends: Kingfishers, Ospreys, Robins, Reds Birds and Blue Darters.

Trick or treat: The Ghost Riders, Curse, Dream Catchers, Spirits.

Up up and down: Martians and Moonwalkers.

Crusaders: Red Capes and Matadors (let’s hope it does not describe the defense of the defense that the new named Indians will play).

Country law: Presidents, constitutions and real blues.

On the other side: The mob.

Wild wild west: Calvary and the Cowboys (the Indians would not do that, right?).

Let’s eat: The Kielbasa Kids, Pierogis, Chefs, Cookers.

Do you remember Prince: The MLB team formerly known as the Cleveland Indians (who would make headline writers break out in cold sweat). It would be difficult to put on a uniform as well.

Do not forget redundancy: Cleveland Clevelanders.

No.1 with a bullet: The cool.

Sweet music: Chords, polkas, classics, jammers, brass, backing.

All or nothing: Triumphs, monarchs, titans.

Chris Antonetti, president of baseball operations, said the Indians have made progress in talking to the team’s stakeholders about a possible name change. Stakeholders include sponsors, season ticket holders, business and political leaders in Cleveland, and the Native American group.

Antonetti said owner Paul Dolan has led the discussions. No timetable has been set for a possible change. If there is a change, it will almost certainly not happen until 2022 or beyond.

First, the Indians must decide whether to make the change. If they do, the real work begins to change the organization’s branding within and outside the Progressive Field.

The Indians are committed to becoming more involved in the city to help push for social justice and equality for all citizens. This process can be made easier by dropping a name that has caused so much anxiety over the years, but no decisions have been made.

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