season start scheduled for mid-June

season start scheduled for mid-June

season start scheduled for mid-June

Baseball has never been so popular in the region. Despite the pandemic, Baseball Estrie president Simon Therrien is confident of offering a season to hundreds of players who have completed registration.

Senior A Category Finals in 1st Sherbrooke Senior Baseball Tournament.

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Senior A Category Finals in 1st Sherbrooke Senior Baseball Tournament.

Baseball Quebec recently postponed the start of the season and team formation until June 13. The season will therefore start a little later than usual, but it does not worry Simon Therrien, president of Baseball Estrie.

Baseball in Quebec is currently in the second half of its six-game total return to play plan. Games are not currently allowed, but training camps are underway. Of course, more health instructions must be followed. Signing the attendance register, washing hands, wearing a mask and disinfecting equipment are all elements that are now part of the routine for players and coaches. Groups are also limited to 12 people in the yellow or orange zone and to 8 people in the red zone.

In addition, according to Mr. Therrien, passing Granite in the red zone with special emergency measures will not have a major impact on the baseball season in Estrie. “We are still a big month away from the start of the season, and in principle they are in the red zone until 17 May. They will be able to do the training camp as planned, but they must be 8 people per group, and count the coaches instead of 12. It will make things a little harder for them at this level, but for the season it will not. should not be a problem. “

The U9 provincial tournament in Magog and the U13 provincial tournament in Fleurimont are still planned for July. Simon Therrien ensures that Baseball Quebec has already provided all refunds if a team is forced to withdraw from a tournament due to recommendations from public health. It will therefore have no financial consequences for the affected teams.

Registrations increasing

Even in a pandemic, baseball is gaining popularity in the region. According to Simon Therrien, the organization achieved its highest number of registrations this year since 2010. In 2013, there were a total of 620 players in Estrie. This number may reach 1300 in 2021. Some associations have even observed an increase of at least 50%.

This gain in popularity can be seen just as much in women’s baseball. Associations such as Baseball Sherbrooke, Baseball Drummond and Baseball Asbestos have all noticed an increase in registrations among girls. Mr. Therrien suggests that the creation of the new Quebec Women’s Baseball League (LFBQ) may have something to do with it. Starting this summer, this league will bring together women’s teams in each of Baseball Quebec’s regions.

Although gambling is not currently allowed, Simon Therrien says that the rounds in the plan for returning to gambling can go quickly in accordance with the public health instructions. He is confident that he will be able to succeed in holding a baseball season in Estrie this summer.

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