Rewind Day 1 of the AHSAA State Baseball Finals in Montgomery

Rewind Day 1 of the AHSAA State Baseball Finals in Montgomery


After missing a year due to the pandemic, AHSAA will crown seven state baseball champions this week in Montgomery.

The action starts today at Paterson Field where the Class 5A and 2A series begins.

To buy tickets, go to All games will be carried live on the NFHS Network and championship matches can be watched on WOTM TV.

Check back often for updates from both games, and throughout the week, for updates from each series.

FINAL, CLASS 2A GAME 1: Westbrook Christian 5, GW Long 0

21:21, what’s next? Match 2 is scheduled for 4pm Tuesday at Riverwalk Stadium. If GW Long wins, Game 3 will follow.

21:20, hitters: Brodie Self had the biggest blow of the game, a two-run triple, for Westbrook. McDaniel was the only player on both teams with more than hits. He had two for the rebels.

21:02, it’s over: Complete game for Westbrook’s Will Noles. He struck out six, allowed five hits and did not go batter. Blayne McDaniel, after giving up five races early, settled in well for the Rebels. He struck out 10 in seven innings and allowed seven hits.

20:55, 3 extra outs: Rebel against the last three outs, afterwards Westbrook Christian 5-0 in game 1.

20:51, On the way to the last round: It’s still 5-0 Westbrook.

20.45, 100 seats: Blayne McDaniel has really settled down for GW Long. He gave up five races in the first two plus rounds, but has since retired 12 straight to keep it at 5-0. Two new ABs went to the rebels.

20:40, After 5: Still 5-0 Westbrook. Will Noles has thrown 67 places and spread four hits. He has had full control so far.

20.34, settles in: GW Long pitcher Blayne McDaniel has settled down and retired nine straight hitters, but his team still runs 5-0 on its way to the bottom of the fifth.

20:28, handler: William Noles trades for Westbrook. He has retired 12 of the last 13 GW Long hitters and has a 5-0 lead after four innings.

20:18, a hit but nothing else: Blayne McDaniel gets a two-out hit, but nothing else for GW Long. The Rebels trail 5-0 led to the top of the fourth.

20:10, great lead: Westbrook gets three races in the third and now leads 5-0 over GW Long, which is looking for state championship no. 17.

20:06, knocks the ball: Brodie Self with a two-run triple to center for Westbrook, who now lead GW Long 4-0. The Warriors already have seven hits without outs in the top of the third round and Self in the third.

20:00, nothing does: Step up, step down for GW Long at the bottom of others. It’s 2-0 Westbrook.

19:56, adds: The Warriors add a new race to Caiden Wyatt’s RBI single and lead 2-0 after 1.5 innings. Westbrook already has four hits.

19:44, After 1: Westbrook leads 1-0. Trevor Morris and Blayne McDaniel opened the rounds with back-to-back hits, but William Noles got the next three strokes.

19:36, Warriors settles for one: Westbrook takes a 1-0 lead at the top of the first. Fisher Glasgow singles, goes to third on a wild course and scores on a doubles ball. On the way to the lower half of the first.

19:31, first pitch: Fisher Glasgow tears the second pitch in the match against Westbrook for a double, and we are underway in the night cover.

19:06, Pitching matchups: William Noles on the mound for Westbrook. Blayne McDaniel starts for GW Long.

18:56, delay: This game starts a little later. GW Long is currently taking infield.


18:54, key statistics: Emitt Green won. He allowed one run, unearned, on three hits. Reed Hill got the last two outs for the rescue. Jackson Lindsey was 2-for-4 with two RBIs leading the offense. Lucas Baggett was the lucky loser. He allowed three runs – of which only one was earned – on seven hits. Andrew Britton had two hits for Pike Road.

18:32, END: Russellville 3, Pike Road 1. Golden Tigers lead the series’ best 1-0. Pike Road loads the bases with two, but reliever Reed Hill induces a ground ball to third to end it. Starter Emitt Green kept Pike Road in check most of the afternoon. The series resumes at 10 a.m. Tuesday at Riverwalk Stadium. Game 3 will follow if necessary.

18:24, Controversy: A potentially game-ending double play outside of Parker Ceman’s bat instead results in no outs. Officials control Russellville SS Eli Gipson did not touch others before the relay. First and second and one out for Pike Road. Russellville still leads 3-1. Binding is based. Emitt Green comes out of the game after 102 places. He’s been in control all along. Reed Hill goes to the mound to try to get the last two outs and put the Golden Tigers up 1-0 in the best-of-three series.

18:17, out at the plate: Pinch hitter Andrew Hatton tears a single to the left, but Reed Hill is cut down on the plate on a good throw by Parker Ceman. Another chance for Pike Road, after 3-1 after 6.5 laps.

18:08, changing jug: Lucas Baggett is out of the game with one out on the seventh. He allowed three races – two unearned at this time – and the runner first is his responsibility. He threw 126 places. Chael Kerr enters to try and get the last 2 outs of the seventh without further injury.

18:04, Tacking on: Jackson Lindsey goes on to lead Russellville seventh, going all the way to third on a misguided return throw and scoring on Canyon Pace’s RBI single. The Golden Tigers now lead 3-1 with no outs on the seventh. Lucas Baggett has thrown 120 lanes, so this will be his last butter.

17:58, Continued: Emitt Green gives up an infield single, but nothing else. He throws a 3-hit for Russellville. On the way to the seventh, 2-1 Golden Tigers. Green has been economical. He has thrown 90 places.

17:52, out of the jam: Lucas Baggett, now over 100 places, comes out of trouble on the sixth with a strike and a fly out. It’s still – seems like I’ve said it before – 2-1 Golden Tigers go to the bottom of the sixth. Ours. 2, 3 and 4 come for the Patriots.

17:46, Looking for insurance: Russellville has runners on first and second and one out at the top of the sixth, clinging to a 2-1 lead. The pace has not been fast in this game.

17:37, on roll: Russellville’s Emitt Green has retired seven of the last eight hits and throws a 2-hit. The Golden Tigers still lead 2-1 with a lead to the top of the sixth.

17:33, match tested: Both of these teams had to go three games in their semifinal series on the road. Pike Road defeated St. Paul at Hank Aaron Stadium in Mobile. Russellville came past Madison Academy in three games.

17:30, not so fast: Russellville gets its first two strokes on the fifth, but Pike Road pitcher Lucas Baggett makes a good play to throw out Eli Gipson who goes to third on Canyon Pace’s victim attempt. Golden Tigers can not add. It is still 2-1 led to the bottom of the fifth. Emitt Green throws a 2-hitter so far.

17:20, settles in: Emitt Green has settled for Russellville. The Golden Tigers still lead 2-1 after four. Pike Road has had some issues at the bases. Logan Shores was caught stealing third in that inning.

17:13, halfway home: Still 2-1 Russellville goes to Bottom 4.

17:05, end 3: Pike Road is running out of a threat. Russellville leads 2-1 after three finishes.

17:04, successful appeal: On appeal, judges call Pike Road’s Andrew Britton for leaving others too early on a label. The Patriots wanted runners on the corners with one out. Instead, there is a runner on first and two outs.

16:58, NFHS network: My friend Jerry Young broadcasts the game on the NFHS Network if you’re not in the stadium and want to see the details.

16:55, Great escape: Lucas Baggett makes Barnett fly out to the right. Result is still No. 1 Russellville 2-1 headed to the bottom of others.

16:53, big moment: Russellville has the bases loaded and 2 out for Cole Barnett, leading Pike Road 2-1 at the top of the third.

16:46, right behind you: Jackson Lindsey tears a two-run double to the right center wall after a subsequent error at the Pike Road shortstop. Golden Tigers up 2-1 and still batting with one out and Lindsey on the other.

16:37, first blood: Pike Road scores first. Grady Warren is hit by a pitch, goes to second place on a pass and scores when Russellville SS Eli Gipson can not send a hot shot from Parker Ceman. A great catch in the center of Grayson Thorpe prevents further damage. It’s 1-0 Patriots after 2 completes on Paterson.

16:28, still pointless: Lucas Baggett gets Russellville 1-2-3 in second.

16:24, Coach of the Year? My friend Tim Gayle reminds me that Pike Road’s Allen Ponder is a great candidate for Coach of the Year. The Patriots were unbeaten in a shortened COVID season last year. They are in the final this year.

16:22, end 1: It’s 0-0. Pike Road gets two rides, but can not drive them home. On the way to the other, still pointless on Paterson.

16:08, nothing does: Jackson Lindsey with a 1-out double for Russellville, but Lucas Baggett is working around it. Scoreless led to the bottom of the first. The pike road comes up.

16:00, here we go: The first pitch is a strike, and we’re going on here at Paterson.

15:58, Perennial fields: Russellville won three straight state titles in 5A from 2015-2017. This is Pike Road’s first title series appearance.

15:56, head of state 2019In case you forgot a year off, here’s our latest state baseball championship:

7A McGill tools; 6A-Cullman; 5A-Springville; 4A-Brooks; 3A-Providence Christian; 2A-GW long; 1A-Mars Hill Bible

15:42, starting pitchers: Emitt Green on the mound for Russellville (40-7), who will be the visitors in Game 1. Lucas Baggett on the Hill for Pike Road (29-9).

15:29, back to Paterson, finally: Perfect weather for the Class 5A Championship Series opening between No. 1 Russellville and Pike Road. First pitch scheduled for 4pm

AHSAA State Baseball Championships

Montgomery, May 17-21

Paterson Field and Riverwalk Stadium


5A game 1: Pike Road (29-9) vs. Russellville (40-7), Paterson Field, 4 p.m.

2A game 1: GW Long (22-12) vs. Westbrook Christian (27-6), Paterson Field, 7 p.m.


Longtime Hartselle coach William Booth who is battling cancer

Complete final plan for the state

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