Readers' Views: Thanks to everyone who supported Duxbury Youth Baseball

Readers’ Views: Thanks to everyone who supported Duxbury Youth Baseball

IIt is often said that tough times are a blessing because we can learn a lot about the people around us. This summer and fall, I have been assured that the Duxbury community is made up of many great people who are willing to work together for a greater good. The players in Duxbury Youth Baseball were recipients of some of that work, which resulted in over 400 players playing games and enjoying training from July to October.

I want to thank some of the people who helped give our kids a little normality and an opportunity to have fun when it didn’t look very hopeful last year. Thanks to the many sponsors who continuously support the youth in our city. Thanks to the parents who trusted that Duxbury Youth Baseball was responsible and safe with their children. Thanks to Rene Read, Town Manager, Tracy Mayo, Town Health Agent, Gordon Cushing, Recreation Director and Jim Savonen, Manager of Buildings and Grounds for your support and guidance as we worked to comply with local and state COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions. Thanks to the board of Duxbury Youth Baseball who put in countless hours researching guidelines and developing plans to provide a safe baseball experience for coaches and players. Thanks to the coaches who not only volunteered to train, but also managed social distance requirements and masking for their players. Finally, thanks to the players in Duxbury Youth Baseball. Your positive attitude, general excitement and big smiles tell us that all that work was worth the effort.

The Duxbury Youth Baseball 2020 season is over, and it is one that will not soon be forgotten. For many, this season will be considered one of the best.

“I see great things in baseball. It’s our game, the American game. It will repair our losses and be a blessing to us all. ”- Bull Durham

Gary Williamson

President, Duxbury Youth Baseball

Chandler Mill Drive

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