Radio Havana Cuba |  Cuba: Rotterdam baseball tournament in sight

Radio Havana Cuba | Cuba meets the United States at the start of the second phase of the Under-15 World Cup

The Cuban team meets the United States on Wednesday in the opening of the second phase of the World Under-15 Baseball Championship, after completing the undefeated qualifying phase, with 5 victories, the last of which was against the Hong Kong team, 21 points to 0, in 5 rounds , at Emilio Ibarra Stadium, in the Mexican city of Los Mochis.

The Cubans leading Group C scored 1 point in the first set, 7 in the second and 13 in the third.

The victory was credited to the musty Mailon Tomas Alonso, who may also have an outfield position.

Ernesto Martínez, Lázaro Armenteros and Miguel Vargas were along with the pitcher the best players in the game.

Today the teams are resting and tomorrow the second phase begins. After the Americans, our baseball players will face Taiwan on Thursday, Mexico on Friday and Panama on Saturday.

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