Public money and new baseball stadium: the rumble is audible

Public money and new baseball stadium: the rumble is audible

Unsurprisingly, many voices, including the one from the Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation (CFC), are heard condemning the request for state aid from the Montreal Baseball Group, which wants to build a new stadium with a view to the possible return of the major leagues in the Quebec metropolis .

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In the eyes of the FCC, Quebec’s support for the project led by businessman Stephen Bronfman is completely insane.

“It is not for Quebec taxpayers to pay for a new stadium for a wealthy group of investors to enrich themselves with a sports team. And if Bronfman absolutely wants a stadium paid for by taxpayers, that’s fine: Montreal already has one, “said in a press release the Quebec director of the FCC, Renaud Brossard, referring to the Olympic Stadium, home of the Expos. From 1976 to 2004.

“The economic literature is clear: taxpayers are wasting their money when they pay for sports team stadiums,” the CEO added, recalling that the three baseball stadiums in major leagues over the past ten years have cost at least $ 630 million dollars each. It is not for us to spend hundreds of millions on making the wealthy owners of sports teams richer. ”

Owned by Bronfman, the firm Claridge entered the lobbyist registry on Monday and confirmed its intention to seek a contribution from the provincial government. The company in question was founded by former Expos owner and father of Stephen Bronfman, Charles. The latter has a fortune of $ 3.1 billion, according to Forbes magazine.

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