The MLB boss fears that the season will not happen

Players Union rejects new MLB offer

The Players’ Union (MLBPA), in conflict for several weeks in the wage field with the North American Baseball League (MLB), refused a new proposal from the body, which made the season’s attitude even more uncertain. ESPN. The optimism that was shown on Wednesday the day after a first meeting in Phoenix (Arizona) where the two parties together laid the foundation for an agreement, says MLB boss Rob Manfred, has again disappeared. The union has in fact corrected the trend and said “talking about a deal was false” since it denied the principle of unfolding with a schedule reduced to 60 regular season matches. That is, will be too short in the eyes of the players. According to the latter plan, MLB wanted the season to start on 19 or 20 July, after three weeks of preparation. Then the playoffs with 16 teams would have followed. Everything in camera. Players are said to have received a full proportional salary of a total of $ 1.5 billion, or about 37% of an entire season’s income. To which will be added 25 million dollars in scholarships during the playoffs. The championship, which could not start on March 26 due to coronavirus, is therefore quiet again. If no agreement is reached, the league, which represents the franchises, may order to start it on the basis of the original agreement reached on March 27, or about fifty regular matches paid for by a pro-rata salary. But players could file a complaint to block the process.

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