PHOTO: NY Minnie Mouse Jean Jacket and Baseball Cap arrive at Walt Disney World

Minnie Mouse is a fashion icon. Now Minnies fans can be almost as stylish with matching jackets and caps. These new items will be included in newer Minnie items such as classic earrings with sequins, at monochrome plush friend, and many Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction objects. Both garments have Minnie’s face in different profiles. We found these elegant clothes in Mouse Gear on EPCOT.

Minnie Mouse Jean Jacket – $ 69.99


The Minnie Mouse jean jacket is adorned with funny pictures of Minnie’s face.


The pattern has many unique expressions. It has brass buttons and four front pockets.


The back has waist buttons to tailor the jacket’s fit.


Minnie Mouse Denim Ball Cap – $ 27.99


Like the jacket, we see Minnie in different poses.


The hood has an adjustable back for a perfect fit.


The inside is lined.


The band is padded for comfortable wear.

What do you think of the jean jacket and hood? Want to add something to your wardrobe? Let us know in the comments.

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