Pertuis: the baseball club, "Olds Stars", was born

Pertuis: the baseball club, “Olds Stars”, was born

Marc Lamia was born in baseball, bat in hand. The picture is not too much at all. His father imported baseball to Marseille by first establishing the club there in the 1980s. “Since my early childhood, I have been immersed in this environment. And my father, who was president of the French baseball league but also elected to the French team, has always passed on the passion to me.

An inheritance that Marc assumes by confirming that he has “followed in my father’s footsteps by becoming a professional player as well”. The latter has made an honorable career thanks to an above-average batting ability.

Create an association in the midst of a pandemic

Today, Marc wants to pass on his knowledge to future generations. “At 54, I still have beautiful remains, and I will continue to write history.” The Olds Stars Association, old stars in French, was created with this ambition. Holy good news in these difficult times when we rather see a decline in morale and attachment difficulties.

But all this did not worry Marc who confides: “During incarceration, I had the idea of ​​forming a team of veterans to play a small tour. The team consists of former players who played under the command of my father. We are currently around thirty of the members ready to go and meet the clubs in the region. “.

However, the health crisis has currently put a damper on this dynamic. “Since 2009, and my father’s death, we organize a souvenir match every year in his memory. Razorbacks were of course associated with this event that took place at Farigoulier Stadium. It was already the occasion. Seeing old glory at work and reuniting our great “We can’t wait for the sport to take back its rights.”

Meanwhile, Marc Lamia takes comfort in accompanying his grandson Tony to training at the Razorbacks school. The succession seems safe.

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