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Lazaro Blanco, the best Cuban baseball pitcher, announced on Thursday that he was leaving the team and decided to stay in the United States after the pre-Olympic tournament in America in Florida, the second player to be suspended for a week. It is “a decision I made from Florida”, but “it does not mean I will play baseball” in the US, the 35-year-old told Miami’s Telemundo 51 channel, according to excerpts from interviews sent via Facebook. “What’s important is that I’m fine with the decision I’ve made and hey, it’s a new life I’m going to start now,” he added.

In a brief statement issued by Jit, the official medium of the Cuban Sports Institute (India), the Cuban Baseball Federation confirmed that “Lazaro Blanco has decided to stay in the United States, in violation of the contract with the Mexican team Saraperos del Saltillo”. He is the second player to leave the delegation in a week, following the departure of César Prieto, considered one of the best talents in Cuban baseball and traveled on May 26, just hours after arriving in the United States.

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