Opening of the Mont-Sacré-Coeur baseball field |  News |  The voice of the East

Opening of the Mont-Sacré-Coeur baseball field | News | The voice of the East

LHe adds to this terrain especially during the organization of games and exercises, now much easier. “Before, we could get together with three teams in the same field. It really is not ideal. It allows us to better distribute our teams, “indicates the president of minor baseball, François Lemay.

Thanks to the new terrain, the little ones now have a place to hold exercises and games.

Sports are flourishing in the region. According to Mr. Lemay, the number of athletes has climbed from 70 in three years, from 180 to 250 participants. Next year, the committee expects to receive 300 young people.

Increased registration among girls

Women’s sports are no exception. This year, young ladies represent about 20% of the registrations. “If we go back five years, we’re talking about 5%. ”

The President in particular indicates that he attaches great importance to it. The committee also wanted to have two female teams for the inauguration.

At the moment, the teams are competing with boys and girls against each other. When asked about the organization of games in a women’s league, he is not convinced of the feasibility.

“One of the problems is the distance. On the south coast the problem does not exist, there are several layers within a radius of a few kilometers. Here you have to drive more. ”

However, he indicated that a Women’s Friendly is scheduled for August 7 to highlight the importance of women’s baseball. For the occasion, teams from neighboring countries are invited to play two matches each. A few regional teams will also be available to offer workshops to players.

The next step

As soon as the new country was inaugurated, Mr. Lemay launched the idea of ​​adding two more. The creation of two new ballrooms would give Baseball Mineur Granby room for 400 players. However, the President specifies that they must be informed.

“At some point, we will need real fields, with light. Already, mid-August, loss of sun. You can not play games after 20.30. We have to stop the fighting at 20. We also have this reality there. “

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