On the Cubs baseball, mental breaks and offseason

On the Cubs baseball, mental breaks and offseason

I do not often write articles when Andi Cruz Vanecek and I release a new episode of Cuppa Cubbie Blue, unless we have a special guest, but today I wanted to make an exception. We took a little unexpected break which ended as a good thing to get the mojo back. It also ended up being informative about the role that baseball played in Andi’s life and mine during this crazy pandemic season.

Pandemic baseball was far from perfect. The lack of fans was hard to get used to at first, and despite months of planning, MLB’s protocols were only as strong as the weakest link on any team. There were outbursts, rule changes, many seven-inning double headlines and an ad hoc postseason bubble that did not end up being strong enough.

But it was also baseball. Balls, strikes, doubles, towering home runs, mammoth bats and all the things that make our national pastime so wonderful. These games provided a mental break in a time teeming with anxiety. I did not even realize how important the mental break was before Marlins feud kids out of the mail season, and I immediately felt worse than I myself had expected.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not how I thought the Cubs won World Series wanted to fix anything, it’s just that the moments where my mind was fully focused on something other than the pandemic turned out to be incredibly important. Andi and I tried to record an episode before the division series, and we had some technical problems getting it posted, and then it just became clear that we needed a break. We needed some space to adjust to life without baseball.

We’ve both done it now, and the result is a pretty solid episode. We return every Friday with out-of-season updates, news and the occasional special guest. Make sure you subscribe so you never miss an episode – just search for Bleed Cubbie Blue wherever you get podcasts.

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